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What Should You Do with Your Wedding Photos?

Use these creative ideas for those important moments.

You married the love of your life, threw the wedding of your dreams, and finally have a collection of photos to cherish. As you flip through the images and share them with loved ones, you might be keeping them exclusively online. However, you could be missing out on some of their magic. While many wedding photographers offer online albums for their clients, that doesn’t mean they have to stay there.

By printing out your wedding photos and creatively incorporating them into your decor, you can look at them every day to remember your special day. The following are just some ideas of what to do with the images from your wedding.

Create a photo album.

A wedding photo album is traditional for a reason. By printing your photos and putting them in an album, you can keep all of your images in one place. Your friends and family can flip through the album. You can write sweet messages and notes on the back of each photo. A classic album is both romantic and personal.

While many couples will choose an elegant album with sleeves for the photos, you can also customize one online. Many online photo sites allow you to create a photo book with a unique design. You can then print multiple copies of the book to share with loved ones.

Order canvas prints.

Your wedding photos are a sweet reminder of the best day of your life, and you should display them proudly. In addition to printing your photos to hang in frames, you can also order custom canvas prints. Available in various sizes, canvas prints add an elegant touch to your decor while integrating your wedding photos into your home. You might choose to print one large image to hang over your fireplace. Smaller canvas prints can be a great touch to a bedroom or bathroom. Experiment with color prints and grayscale designs to find the canvas print that fits your style.

Design custom thank you cards.

If you’ve been putting off sending your thank you cards, you might want to make them a little more exciting. Add one of your wedding photos to each card to make it even more personal. Whether you send them as postcards or a more traditional card design, your guests can enjoy your wedding photo and sweet sentiment. If you’ve already sent your thank you notes, consider using a wedding photo on your holiday cards. This can remind all of your friends and relatives of the magic of your special day.

Turn them into magnets.

Every photo print does not have to be a grand display. DIY photo magnets are a cute way to add a personal touch to your refrigerator. Choose several images of different wedding scenes, perhaps incorporating one color scheme. These snaps will make you smile every time you open the fridge. They can also make great stocking stuffers for parents and grandparents. An alternative to custom magnets is a photo strip. Design a photo booth-style strip and hang it on your fridge or above your desk at work.

Give your photos as gifts.

Even if your loved ones have seen all of your wedding photos, receiving their own will be extra meaningful. A small canvas print or a framed photo is a touching and personal gift that they are sure to treasure. You can make it extra special by writing a note on the back of the frame or photo. This simple gifting idea can start a tradition of giving photos as gifts in your family, and a few tears are likely to be shed.

By printing your photos and turning them into creative displays, you can remember the magic of your wedding day every time you walk past the print. As you and your partner develop your relationship, and even grow your family, be sure to continue to print images. A home with plenty of photos is a home full of memories and love. 

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What Should You Do with Your Wedding Photos?
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