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What NOT to Wear at Your Girlfriend’s Wedding Party

A wedding is a very important day in the life of our close ones, and this makes it important for us as well. We share the joy and happiness of the newlyweds, and are proud to be invited to such a festive event. Choosing the presents, having a bachelorette party, and helping the bride out—the fun starts earlier than the actual wedding party itself.

The choice of what to wear to your girlfriend’s wedding is no less important than the presents. If a bride wants to have a wedding party in a certain style, perhaps she’ll tell all the girls about this. In this case, it will be easier for you to choose what to wear. But what if not? There is an entire list of wedding etiquette rules in a list of outfit don’ts for a wedding that isn’t yours:

1. Everything Except White

White is for the bride. This is the tradition. Even if the bride doesn’t keep this tradition and chooses another color for her wedding dress, you can’t wear white to her wedding. Besides, there can be an awkward situation when the guests not acquainted with the bride may think it’s your wedding day. This can create quite the awkward situation.

2. Nothing Extra

It’s the bride’s big day. She is the queen and must be the center of everybody’s attention. Anything fluffy and big, short and provocative, or with a low neckline is best to leave for some other event. Even if you have lots to show, let this day be about the bride.

3. No Train Dresses

A gorgeous gown with a train is also a bad idea; it looks very bride-like and will look inappropriate. The only situation when it can be fitting is a wedding party in a historical style of the Empire epoch.

4. Not Following the Specified Dress Code

Sometimes the bride specifies a dress code she wants to see at her wedding in the invitation card. This makes things much more convenient for everyone. But this also requires respect to her wishes. If she wants to see her guests in smart casual style, don’t dress in a festive evening gown. And if she wants everything glamorous, don’t choose informal looks.

What is the best compromise?

There aren’t a lot of rules, but they can make your choice more difficult. One universal look meets all the etiquette demands and can be adapted to various styles. It’s a cocktail dress of a tender shade compatible with the color of the bride’s dress. This will show her your affection, devotion, and the fact you share her happiness.

Of course, you can not only rock a cocktail dress, but other looks, and not necessarily a dress. Just don’t lose your senses and avoid being too flashy or vulgar. No one wants to watch their wedding videos and see your long and beautiful legs instead of the happy couple’s faces.

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What NOT to Wear at Your Girlfriend’s Wedding Party
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