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Wedding Decoration: Table Decor Ideas Which Are Undoubtedly Awe-Worthy

Stunning Wedding Ideas with Your Wedding Decorators Today

The bridal gown is one of the most prominent aspects at a wedding and it instantly attracts the guests' attention. While they will have their fill of the beauty during the nuptials, the guests will be seated at their tables soon after the same to enjoy the rest of the evening. Well, that is when they will be talking about, the catering and the decor. Even though you cannot control the taste of your catering services beyond a certain point, the same cannot be said for your table decor. From the linens and furniture to flowers and other accessories, you can arrange for a gorgeous set up which will keep the guests hooked throughout the night. That being said, quirky and out-of-the-box arrangement always does the trick, and so do the rustic and contemporary settings. So, how to take the right pick?

Make It Personal

Since a wedding is an affair close to hearts, adding some personal touches will enhance the charm of the evening. Many couples love the idea of making the guests become a part of their beautiful journey and for that matter, use the table decor to your advantage. Decorate the table with your couple pictures, cards with significant dates and the stories behind them or even a visual representation of all the places you have visited together.

Make a Wish or Give an Advice Card

As a newlywed couple, you will receive advice from various experienced couples. So, instead of giving them the trouble of coming to you, place a give an advice card on tables for all guests. You can also opt for a make a wish card to add some fun to the concept.

Share Your Favourite Song Lyrics

While you take a pick from the earlier mentioned options, let your favourite music lyrics touch the attendee’s hearts. Get them printed or written by a calligrapher for added effects. A small vinyl along with music lyrics will look great too. You can opt for your favourite poetry lines or verses as well, instead of the music lyrics.

A Fun Quiz for All

Now, this is an absolute favourite. Set a small bride and groom questionnaire on every table and ask the guests to choose either the bride or the groom to answer. You can reveal the results at the end of the ceremony and get to know new things about you! Plus, this will keep the guests hooked for a long time.

Pictures of the Guests on the Table

For every table, get the name of the guests printed or written by a calligrapher for adding an emotional element to the decor. Moreover, to make it even more special, think of guests pictures on the table. Offering fun pictures for your guests will work beautifully for your event.

Keep the Theme in Mind

Apart from the innovative ideas, working by the theme is essential too. From contemporary to fictional, make sure that the decor speaks for itself, and the seating is no exception. Gorgeous flowers, some herbs or potted plants, themed essentials, candles, and eye-pleasing cutlery along with the perfect linens will do the job. Explain your requirements in detail to the wedding venue that you choose for the day, for exceptional arrangements. Also, talking about the theme, such an idea assists the corporate videographers in Sydney as well to produce the best footage of their corporate event.

Twinkle and Fairy Lights at Night

With a morning wedding comes a stunning night reception. If that's your wedding plan too, then light the area with twinkle and fairy lights. You can surround the tables or the chairs with such pretty little lights. Also, you can collect them in jars and place at every table for Tinker Bell touches. If it's an outdoor wedding, consider covering the above head seating space with flowers and twinkle lights too and share the Cinderella feels with your guests as well. Such a setting will help your hired best wedding photographers in Sydney in getting the perfect clicks of your D-day.

Excited much? Share such stunning wedding ideas with your wedding decorators today and tell me what worked best for you!

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Wedding Decoration: Table Decor Ideas Which Are Undoubtedly Awe-Worthy
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