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$80 Wedding

True love doesn’t have to be a show.

You’re broke and you’re in love. What more can you do? 

Finding the one you are supposed to live your life with is such a wonderful feeling. Imagine you’re four and you’re at church coloring with your best friend. You only live about eight minutes apart but don’t go to the same school so seeing each other does not happen as you get older. You meet up in high school and develop the biggest crushes on each other but are both to scared to do anything so you don’t date. You move on to college and he moves on to work, until he decides to text you again one day. You spend the weekends together after that day and soon he moves in. It’s absolutely amazing. 

Everything with him is amazing. This is the one you know you are supposed to live your life with. You go out on a limb one day while he is off and decide to get married. Running off to the courthouse for a license costs you $73. Our blood is pumping and we are both so excited we don’t want to wait. Google is the best thing around when you can quickly find an ordained minister, and especially when she says she’ll marry you right now and it’s donation based. 

We drive down the road to a small park where there is an old courthouse there that is locked. She says it’ll provide coverage from the rain that is coming down because there is a hurricane warning out for our area. It’s good luck to be married on a raining day as it makes the marriage harder to break. In the small halls between the courthouse we stand hand in hand, no money for rings or fancy clothes or even guests. She marries us both in love while we stand together and my heart has never felt such joy. We thanked her and gave her the only money we had, $7—it was left over from the ATM. Afterwards we head right back to the courthouse and turn in our papers telling them we didn’t want to wait. 

Our honeymoon was spent in our trailer we have been calling home. It’s pouring outside with lightning and thunder. We put on our pajamas and make corndogs and play Mario on an old Wii. It couldn’t be more perfect. It’s love. 

You don’t need to spend lots and lots of money on a wedding. You don’t need a fancy ring or a honeymoon. All you need is love. You need two people that care about each other and support and love each other for everything they are. That’s all it takes to make this work. Love and love and love. He is the greatest blessing in my life and I thank God for putting him into my life. 

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$80 Wedding
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