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The Latest Wedding Dress Trends for 2019

Check out the most popular trends for brides to be in 2019!

The new year is in full swing in the bridal industry. You will see some beautiful new gowns in the new year and a few that may surprise you. Let’s take a look at what bridal experts have known for months.

Bridal Gowns for 2019

We will see a return of the full, voluminous gowns. They will have lots of sparkle and shine. Brides who wanted the allure of the plunging necklines, but felt they were too immodest, will be happy to see the mock-neck gown. With sheer fabric that goes to the neck and down, both arms gives the look of a high neckline and long sleeves, but with the striking look of a deep plunge or a sweetheart neckline also visible.

Brides wearing the silhouette gown and the mermaid gowns can take advantage of the mock-neck in a variety of styles.

There will be a huge array of sleeve options this year. Sleeves that hug the arm, but have a generous poof from the elbow to the wrists that are fashion statements in their own right. Brides who want more than one look to her gown can have long, puffy sleeves for the wedding and then detach them for the reception. Another accessory that allows the bride a second look is the bridal cape. Capes were big in 2018, and they remain so. The cape draping down the back is removed to reveal a stunning, plunging back.

Brides getting married in white are going with diamond white with lots and lots of sparkles. Brides wearing cream or ivory are adding shine with pearls.


In 2019, colors will be everywhere. Bridal flowers are very bold. Pink and blush have long been a go-to color for weddings, but in 2019, pink is being traded for shades of purple. Purple comes in such a wide range of colors, so it's perfect for any season. This year brides are wearing pastels. What color? Anything—but pink! Here you will see the trending colors for bridesmaids; brides are choosing beautiful pastel wedding dresses in yellows, baby blue, and soft green. And if you just have to get something in the pink family, go with a light coral color.

The metallic color for 2018 was rose gold. This year, couples are using rust. Bridal experts recommend using two accent colors. Brides are selecting one dark color and one light color to bring out the rust to lighten the look. For example, use your rust color with navy blue and lighten it by accenting with a gray. Use rust with burgundy and accent it with a cream. The results are beautiful.


The royal wedding has sparked the love brides have for tiaras. You will see a lot of them, as well as jeweled headbands and halos of tiny rosebuds.


For the last two years, big and bold flowers have been popular. The coming year will see more traditional floral arrangements. Colorful flowers with a minimum of greenery will come on the scene and the rose continues to be the favorite.


Couples are trading off their pastry bars for cocktails made with whole and organic fruits. This makes it easier to setup and serve guests. Those who plan to serve food are also ordering organic foods.

You will find 2019 to be the year of the caring couples. There is nothing that makes a wedding more beautiful as one that shares their love with their guests.

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The Latest Wedding Dress Trends for 2019
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