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The 11 Best Personalized Wedding Gifts

Give your best to the happy couple with these personalized wedding gifts.

When it comes to giving a bride and groom gifts, there are tons of great ideas you can choose from. You can get them one of those fancy blenders. You can get them some really nice honeymoon gifts. Or, you could give them something that helps cement their lives together.

There's something incredibly endearing about being given personalized wedding gifts, which is why they're such a popular option on wedding registries across the nation.

Of course, not all personalized gifts are equal in quality. Some are just way more interesting, useful, and visually appealing than others. This quick gift guide will give you insight into what your favorite couple would really want as a wedding gift.

Custom Bourbon Barrel Lazy Susan by Jeremiah and Kassy Reynolds

Most personalized wedding gifts are pretty hackneyed by now. We have all seen those nice, little, etched cutting boards and custom champagne flutes, but let's be honest for a second. Most weddings will have at least two cutting boards shipped to the couple as gifts. You should get a little creative!

This Lazy Suzan works as an upscale serving tray that also spins for easy access. Artisans Jeremiah and Kassy Reynolds make customized Lazy Susan from a reclaimed bourbon barrel, and then add the names of the recipients right on top.

It's elegant, useful, and NOT your average cutting board. What's not to love?

Hearts Four-Across Game by Kasey and Justin Pearson

You remember playing Connect Four as a child? It's a fun game that makes plenty of memories come back to life. That's exactly what makes this personalized, hand-carved twist on the classic game such as great wedding gift idea.

This game will feature the names of the bride and groom, plus a ton of hearts. The rules are the same, and it's so pretty, you'll always want to play another round. If this won't act as a conversation starter, we don't know what will.

Personalized Champagne Wedding Vase by Uncommon Goods

Most people who choose personalized wedding gifts will opt for etched wine glasses or champagne flutes—and that's okay. Drinkware is always welcome. However, these old gifts still remain relatively unremarkable. To have a truly great gift, you're going to need to get imaginative.

Though seeing wedding vases isn't that unique, seeing a vase that is made from a champagne bottle is. It's even more unique when you notice that the happy couple's names are etched right onto the front of it.

Thumbprint Guest Book by Josh & Hilary Dildine

Having a wedding guest book is a tradition that will let couples fondly look back on all the fun they had during the big day, but let's be real. The old way of doing things can be a bit stuffy, don't you think?

This unique take on a guest book will have wedding guests show their love through thumbprints. If you have artsy friends, this can be one of the most endearing personalized wedding gifts you can offer up prior to the wedding ceremony itself. Imagine this for a wedding gift for same-sex couples? The results would be stunning!

Personalized Wedding Bowls by Heather Shadron

Anyone who has ever glanced at the top wedding registry sites you should use can tell you that there will be plenty of need for specialty glasses and serving utensils. One of the more overlooked things newlyweds need is a set of bowls.

These handmade ceramic bowls are a perfect gift for people who love a personal touch. You can add up to 60 characters of text in each bowl, making it a great way to send your own well-wishes when regular customization won't do.

Personalized Whiskey Barrel by Oak It In

Drinkware is about as traditional as wedding gifts get, but that doesn't mean you can't get a little bit fringe with customized gifts! Take this gorgeous miniature whiskey barrel for example.

Each barrel comes customized with the couples' names, can hold up to five liters of booze, and is made from fine oak. It's a stately way to make sure that their home bar will always have some of the good stuff on hand.

Personalized Heart Wall Sculpture by Chris Cook

Are you sick and tired of seeing people suggest wedding gifts like gift cards or wine sets? I don't blame you, which is why I'm a huge fan of offering up one-of-a-kind gifts for the bride and groom that will continue to make them smile every day.

Artwork is something that brightens up everyone's day, and if it has a reminder of the happy couple's anniversary, that's all the better. This gorgeous wall art will have the couples' names and anniversary year ready for all to see.

It's a sassy, modern memento that will continue to remind both partners of their super special day. What could be better than that?

Personalized Wishing Wall by Love Notes

Trying to find personalized wedding gifts that you can dole out during a bridal shower is really difficult, simply because you need something that everyone can bond over. This Personalized Wishing Wall is a great pick for people who want to add a little extra love to the shower.

The way it works is simple: Everyone writes down wishes and then stores them in the nooks inside the board. When the couple wants to look back at good times, they just unfurl a slip of paper to read the thoughts of former wedding guests.

First Day of Forever Puzzle by Uncommon Goods

If you really think about it, a wedding isn't just a celebration about the union of two families. It's a vow that says you both are going to be together forever—and that you're going to remain each other's rock until the end of time.

This customizable puzzle is an awesome way to help the newlywed couple pass the time and exercise their teamwork muscles together. You get to choose the date that's cut into the puzzle, as well as the photo of the place where the special day happened. Isn't that sweet?

Intersection of Love Photo Print by Uncommon Goods

If steel wall art seems a bit too cold or stark for the happy couple's taste, why not go for another take on custom wall art instead? This gorgeous print shows the last names of the bride and groom, the day they met, plus the day they finally walked down the aisle.

It's elegant, totally personalized, and looks stately in any room. Your friends will love it!

Personalized Picnic Table Wine Carrier by Mike Blaschka

Some couples just seem to have everything they need, including wall art (though, the unique wedding gifts for couples who have everything are out there). Though they might have all the finer things on the wedding registry already, you don't have to give up on finding a nice present for them.

One of the coolest personalized wedding gifts I've seen is this picnic table wine carrier, handmade by artisan Mike Blaschka. The table is made of rich cherry wood, can hold a bottle and two wine glasses, and is designed to be easy to carry.

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