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The 10 Best Wedding Garter Sets

Whether you're looking for something vintage and traditional or something more unique and modern, there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to find beautiful wedding garter sets for a reasonable price.

Wedding traditions are almost as important as the wedding day themselves. Whether they have a religious connotation or are superstitious in nature, each add a little element to your big day in a very special way. One of the oldest and more fun wedding traditions ever practiced is that surrounding the wedding garter. It may seem that sliding a little piece of fabric off the bride to throw into a crowd is a little more risqué than her wearing something blue, but that doesn't mean you should overlook the importance of wedding garter sets come around time for your big day.

Canvas Print Wedding Garter by Home Comforts

This wedding garter set by Home Comforts is a delicate lace material with a blue ribbon through the middle, and is a creative way to wear your something blue to your wedding day if you’re sticking to that tradition too. This whole set actually includes a 10 x 14 canvas print and a wedding band set as well for relatively cheap, so if you want to use these added accessories on your wedding day, you get an exceptional deal.

Off White Wedding Bridal Garter Set by Alex Emotions

If you’re searching for wedding garters with more of a vintage look, this set is a perfect fit. This set comes with two identical lace garters, so that you have one to toss and one to keep. The garter is a beautifully detailed lace with a cream ribbon going through the middle. The vintage look adds a special touch to your wedding dress, and it may become something you eventually pass down to your daughter one day. It’s also 100 percent handmade.

Wedding Bridal Flowers Garter for Brides by Mintso

This garter belt by Mintso is very unique, with a creative lace flower design that wraps up the leg. This is a great garter belt to show off on your wedding day if you’re in the business of sticking to tradition and tossing it out to a crowd after your husband slides it off at the reception. Keeping lessons learned from a non-traditional wedding in mind too, this garter can also be used for prom or other formal occasions, as it is a more fun option than most other garter sets.

Beaded Polyester Keepsake Garter Belt by DEMDACO

These paired bridal garters are both made in a beautiful blush-pink lace with beads and rhinestones embellished on the front of them. One is larger than the other, so depending on what feels more comfortable on your leg, you can decide which is worth tossing out for your wedding guests to fight over.

Bridal Garter Belt by Bella Fleur Bridal

This wedding garter set is beautifully embellished and made out of ivory lace, making this set in particular very unique. Each set and individual garter is custom made, one much more embellished than the other, so the toss garter can be thrown into a crowd while the other is kept as a keepsake for you as the bride. Upon request, other lace and ribbon colors can be used to create a more customized garter set specific to you for your special day.

Lace Wedding Bridal Garter Belt Set by Wishprom

This wedding garter set is exquisitely unique, and will look great with any wedding gown on your wedding day. It has a vintage look and is made in an off-white lace fabric, and the intricate detail in the pattern and embellishment is something no other bride will have on their garter belt. Again, this set comes with two separate pieces so that you can keep one and toss one.

Blue Wedding Garter by Bella Fleur Bridal

One of the more unique garters you'll ever see, this one from Bella Fleur Bridal allows brides to incorporate their “something blue” without ruining their all white look. This garter is a deep blue with rhinestone embellishments on top. The second of the two garters in the set has pearl embellishments as opposed to rhinestones. Just make sure you follow your normal wedding dress shopping tips so that nobody is able to see it through your wedding dress.

Embroidered "I Do" Wedding Garter by Cathys' Concepts

Cathys' Concepts came up with an amazing way to add some extra glamour to the fun, little tradition surrounding the garter. This gorgeous wedding garter belt is made with intricate stitching, super soft satin fabric, a little light blue stitch for that "something blue," and some glittering Swarovski crystals. It's classy, cute, and will remain a beautiful part of your wedding outfit.

Bridal Lace Garter by Jovitec

This wedding garter set combines a unique, vintage, and classic look all in one. It has an ivory color to it with delicate lace, yet the pattern is intricate and the lace jumps off of the band to create a magical and interesting look. Any bride who wants something traditional yet special for their wedding day should choose this wedding garter. This will be a garter belt that no one else will have.

Wedding Garter Belt Set with Rhinestone Vintage Style by Unique Boutique By Yasmin

A very romantic option, this set comes with two garters, one to keep and one to toss. There is a larger one made of blush-pink tulle and a smaller one made of vintage off-white lace. You can decide which one to keep and which one to toss, however, both are beautiful and unique, and there's no way you'll regret which one remains your keepsake when reminiscing on your wedding day.

All of these wedding garter sets will make your wedding day special, and should complement your wedding gown in a number of wonderful ways. They provide a great way to stick to tradition, and will allow you to keep a small memento that holds a big memory with it.

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