A marriage proposal is one of the scariest and most exciting things people ever do—stories, advice, and more live here.

Kennedy Raea month ago
Wedding Bells
My letter to the woman of the world. Ladies, I have entered that part in life where many woman dream of! I'm in the engagement section of my life. This is my first engagement, and I couldn't be more t...
Katheryn Compton2 months ago
Having Cold Feet Is Normal
Hey everyone—have you ever had a life transition that was so big, but felt like it was drawing itself out so much, you thought it would never end—this is where I am right now. I know that my life is a...
Jus L'amore2 months ago
The Most Romantic and Creative Ways to Propose
All right, guys and girls who are on the verge of popping the question, this one is for you. While there is no right or wrong way to ask for your love's hand in marriage, there are certainly many roma...
AdreAnna Sommer4 months ago
8 Signs He Is Going to Propose
Men are complicated human beings and they make everything harder than it needs to be, shocking right? Men usually act on impulse, but there are some things in life that he will be so nervous for he wi...
Paisley Hansen4 months ago
Making Sure Your Proposal Is Done Right
Asking someone to marry you is one of the most important things in life. Therefore, the timing and setting of this event should be carefully considered. You are convinced that they are right for you, ...
Trish Gilmore6 months ago
12 Worst Wedding Proposal Mistakes You Can Make
Chances are that if you've got making the proposal on your mind, you've probably been with your partner for a while. You might be going into the proposal with near complete confidence that they're goi...
Bethany Ashlyn9 months ago
The Fear of Putting a Ring on It
I've been with my boyfriend for almost six years now. While we have had our ups and downs in the beginning stages of the relationship, I like to think we are far stronger than ever before. Most people...
Emma Lack9 months ago
Is It Too Early to Propose?
Most girls fantasize about their perfect proposal from a young age—the ring, the setting and most importantly the dream person! However, the timing of a proposal is what could make or break the whole ...
Sophie Testerman9 months ago
Proposals all take a long time, but this one might be the longest.
Ellowen Ophelia10 months ago
Seven Signs You May Be Getting Married for the Wrong Reasons
I think in this life everyone wants to find their forever at some point. People travel endlessly in hopes to find the other half they have been missing their whole life. Sometimes, the idea of getting married sort of out-screams the whole love thing. Here are seven signs you may be getting married for all the wrong reasons.
Ossiana Tepfenhart10 months ago
10 Signs Your Boyfriend Will Propose
Wedding season has come and gone, and you’re still with your beau. He hasn’t proposed, and you’re starting to get nervous. Does he just not want to be with you? Couldn’t he say something already? Are ...
Sasha Konikovo10 months ago
10 Tips Every Newly-Engaged Couple Should Follow
He got down on one knee, you said yes, and it was the most magical thing in the world. You knew he was the one, but you weren't aware that saying yes to his proposal would kick off such a crazy part o...
Katherine M.a year ago
How My Wedding Came a Lot Sooner Than Expected
It was Labor Day weekend of 2016 when I had met my husband for the first time. I had went to meet a friend of his who had never been to New York City before and my husband was there to give him the to...
Nicola P. Younga year ago
Memorable Proposal Ideas You'll Never Forget
You don't want your proposal to be canned, to just copy someone else's idea, but you also don't want to be boring. You want to give your proposal a personal spin, make it meaningful and heartfelt, but...
Matt Millera year ago
Step Your Fucking Game up, People
Deciding to make a lifelong commitment to someone is a huge deal and should not be taken lightly, so fucking congrats to you and yours. However, a thing you should know right off the bat is shit’s goi...
Patricia Sarkara year ago
10 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Going to Propose... Soon
It is funny to note that a lot of men begin to act noticeably odd about the same time they begin to make plans for proposing to their sweethearts. In fact, it is such a common phenomenon that there ar...
Nicola P. Younga year ago
How to Prepare for a Marriage Proposal
So you've found the love of your life, you know all of the things you should know about each other before you get married, and you're ready announce it to the world. But first, you have to pop the que...