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CosCom Writers11 days ago
How to Make Wedding Preparations Pleasant
Do not start preparing for the wedding too soon because you will only risk stretching out such a stressful period of your life. The optimal time to start preparing for is six months. Do not book a res...
Loni Bauer25 days ago
Things that Helped Me, as a Lazy Bride to Be
Like most little girls, I dreamed of my wedding day. I planned the little intricacies and pomp with flare while imagining I was a princess wearing white. I became more and more jaded by hate of dating...
Ellowen Opheliaa month ago
Seven Signs You May Be Getting Married for the Wrong Reasons
I think in this life everyone wants to find their forever at some point. People travel endlessly in hopes to find the other half they have been missing their whole life. Sometimes, the idea of getting married sort of out-screams the whole love thing. Here are seven signs you may be getting married for all the wrong reasons.
Kioko Leoniaa month ago
10 Awesome Wedding Drinks You Need to Have
Every detail matters on your wedding day. From the stunning aisle decorations to the cake and the accessories on the alter, it's important to choose the perfect signature cocktail. And just like your ...
Sasha Konikovo2 months ago
10 Wedding-Related Signs Your Marriage Will Not Last
I'm a true believer that a wedding can tell you volumes about a couple. It can tell you who their biggest friends are, what they value, the type of lifestyle they'll have together, and also their soci...
Cat Walsman2 months ago
Fairytale Wedding on a Budget
Most little girls dream about extravagant weddings, with an array of flowers and fireworks and fancy decorations. Then we get older and wedding bells are around the corner, with Pinterest throwing in ...
Riley Raul Reese2 months ago
10 Signs Your Wedding Will Be a Disaster
There’s nothing better than a beautifully put-together wedding. The bride looks beautiful, the groom looks handsome, and everything is done picture-perfect. It’s a lasting tribute to love and how impo...
Samantha Reid3 months ago
Skip the Wedding
Every time I sign into my social media accounts, it seems as though everyone I know is getting married. From friends to celebrities, it seems that in the last few years so many people have run to the ...
Taylor Pettis3 months ago
Planning a Pinterest Worthy Wedding in as Little as 3 Months!
When planning a wedding, couples—or primarily the brides—take months to plan out the perfect day. In some cases it can cause so much stress they end up hiring someone to work out all the tiny details....