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Showcasing Your Special Day

Why You Should Always Do Professional Photography for Your Wedding and Engagement Photos

Wedding days are days of bliss for the couple and their loved ones. It is a day bathed in love, hope, and promise for a future life together. As such, it is important to commemorate such an auspicious and wonderful occasion with quality photo and videography.

To hire a cheap photographer and videographer is to say that all the hard work you put into planning your ceremony means nothing to you. I say this because hiring someone who can work on the cheap but doesn't have the equipment or experience to handle the job is going to most certainly affect how your wedding day memories are captured and preserved for life. To put it simply, photography and videography are a large part of the ceremony and reception experience, and while weddings themselves are expensive, this is not an area in which to cut costs.

Look, I get it; the mounting expenses that come with even picking out the color and texture of napkins to go with the silverware and overall color scheme of your choice make it hard to not want to go cheap on certain things. It is also difficult to know which photographer or photography company will actually be worth it to get all the shots needed to make sure such precious memories are captured properly. Maybe you are trying to not be too much of a burden on friends and family if they are helping you with your special day, and so you think you're being more helpful and less Bridezilla-esque by cutting costs wherever possible. However, it is important to remember that this is your's and your spouse's special day! These memories will be captured for the rest of your life! Just because you want to spend some money on a professional photographer and videographer doesn't make you a Bridezilla, if that is what you're worried about! In fact, it makes you wise!

Maybe you are thinking to yourself, "But my smartphone takes amazing photos! Why can't I just let my mom/sister/husband's best man/grandparents/second cousin twice removed take the photo on my phone or their phone? I can edit them later and post to Instagram!"

Honey... sweetheart... lovely bride-to-be... NO! Just. No. I realize we live in a very technological age where nearly anyone with a good camera on their phone thinks they can be a photographer. Some manage to take really good photos on their phones. However, on a special day like yours, it's best to not go the digital route. There's something to be said for photos and video that are taken on actual high-quality cameras, edited with great care via professional editing software (not an app!), and sent to you as beautiful individual prints or a photo book, with a DVD or a link to your video. Instagram, in all its glory, simply cannot compare! This because the traditional route of photo prints and albums professionally printed, bound, and sent to you as hard copies has a certain level of permanency and realness to them that digital still cannot manage. Your wedding day needs to and simply must feel real. It's too glorious not to!

The important thing to takeaway here is that you need not fear spending money on a professional photographer and videographer. Again, your wedding day is an important and glorious day, one to be celebrated! The memories that come from milestones like this are priceless! As such, don't go the cheap route on your photos and videos; treat yourself and your memories to something nice and worthy of your special day!

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Jackie Barrows
Jackie Barrows

Jackie Barrows is an artist, a writer, and all around creative soul who enjoys bringing new ideas and stories to life. She wears many hats as a Graphic Designer, a blogger, and Lead Production Artist for R.A.W. Productions. 

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Showcasing Your Special Day
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