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Seven Signs You May Be Getting Married for the Wrong Reasons

I think in this life everyone wants to find their forever at some point. People travel endlessly in hopes to find the other half they have been missing their whole life. Sometimes, the idea of getting married sort of out-screams the whole love thing. Here are seven signs you may be getting married for all the wrong reasons.

I don't.

The ring has you the most excited.

If you are showing off your ring to every person who will hear and halfway forget it's even an incredible symbol of marriage you might want to sit this whole marriage thing out. Rings are beautiful and all, but if you're truly in love a ring pop would be enough to bring you to your knees. If all you want to do is show off some big rock nine times out of ten you don't need to get married.

You're upset about the size of the ring.

Let me just take it back to this ring thing real quick. Yes, there are materialistic people showing off gigantic rocks to the entire universe but there are actually people so ungrateful that they become either internally or externally outraged by a small diamond or no diamond at all. When someone feels so strongly for you that they get down on one knee and literally plan on a life of debt you don't pout about the size of the rock, you simply appreciate the love. Anyone who feels differently is a bit shallow and probably not marriage material.

"It's about me!"

A lot of women have a healthy expectation of the day being about them. However, the day should also be about your groom as well. It should be about the union and the strength of a love that is supposed to last a lifetime. Someone saw potential in building a house, a home, and raising up children with you. Show them enough respect to realize that the whole event isn't just your day. You can't just take the moment from the man who made the day a reality. Without the proposal what wedding would you even be having?

You feel like you owe it to your person.

What if they aren't your person though? Chances are, if you feel as though someone isn't your soulmate, then they probably aren't. They may have done everything in the world for you from the top of the list to the bottom. Big or small you should never do something as serious as marriage just because someone has been there for you. Yes, it will probably hurt in the long run for them to propose and you say no but if the feelings aren't there then there really isn't a point. A bad relationship is the polar opposite of a bad marriage.

You want financial stability.

Loads of people marry for money and it's kind of pathetic if you think about it. It's also equally as selfish. You should never marry someone so that your financial needs will become less of a burden to you. What happens when that person finds out you're a swindling sweetheart and leaves? Where is the money for the new apartment that you're going to have to pay bills for? Where is it? Because any man or woman with half a brain will get a prenup and not blink twice about the hissy fit that comes with it. You have to honestly look within yourself to rectify this type of behavior. It's not something that will take you far in life.

There is a baby on the way.

People get knocked up all the time and for many marriage isn't the next step for them. You don't have to marry someone just because they planted their very precious seed inside of you or vice-versa. Marriage has been and should be viewed as something sacred. Imagine bringing your kid up with miserable parents. Kids take in everything and that is certainly not something you should want your children to view as the norm. You need love for marriage. The love you have for that baby should be enough to make co-parenting smooth sailing, no marriage involved. 

Everyone else is doing it.

I get it. You see all of your friends pooping out adorable kids with rings on their fingers and big houses with happy dreams and hopes and shit like that. You want that, however, you don't want that with who you're with. But, I mean they're there right? WRONG. You should never do anything just because everyone else is doing it. That falls into that shit your parents always said: "if Suzy jumped off a cliff would you jump too?" I would honestly hope not because now little Suzy is dead and you will be soon too if you dive off with her. Everything may seem glamorous and perfect but it never is, not in any marriage. Do what is best for you and certainly don't string someone along simply based on status.


Please, just get married to the love of your life. Y'all out here snatching people's soulmates for reasons you can't even explicate. It's a little senseless and one hell of a waste of time. 

Tips are so appreciated!

Again, very soon I am going to be trying to quit my job to pursue my writing career full time. I'm trying to get all set before I dive into this new journey. Tips are so welcome as I will be publishing my novel all on my own! The expenses can get steep but I won't rest until it's perfect. Tips are very much appreciated! I love each and every one of you for your undying support!

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Seven Signs You May Be Getting Married for the Wrong Reasons
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