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Lazaro Bride

The Perfect Gown

Lazaro is one of my favorite designers.  His style is unique.  It is a classic, romantic style.  If you prefer a less-is-more style for your wedding, Lazaro is the designer for you.  

He has a deceptively simple style.  Elegance is the theme for his gowns.  You don't need too many frills to feel feminine and gorgeous simultaneously.  If you have a wedding date in mind, it will be easier to choose the perfect gown.  If you keep the weather in mind, you can decide if you want a light, airy gown, or a heavier, silk, or lace filled gown.  Your style is also key.  If you know you want a ball gown, Lazaro has plenty of those.  The princess look is the typical ball gown.  A ball gown, has a big, puffy bodice.  It is a long, gown, and usually has long sleeves.  

A mermaid gown is more form fitting.  A trumpet gown is also form fitting, but it flares at the feet.  A ball gown has more of a traditional look.  If you prefer a shorter gown, you would probably enjoy a more modern look for your wedding day.  

This Lazaro gown is a design from 2016.  It features blue floral designs.  Floral designs on wedding gowns are still in fashion this year.  Blue would be more of a traditional color.  This summer, living coral is the seasonal color.  They will make a perfect addition to a summer wedding.  This is a sleeveless gown with a sweet heart neckline.  Most designers are accustomed to making gowns tailored to each individual bride.  It just takes a little time to find the right designer for you, if you are looking for a gown that is bigger than a size 9.  

This gown has an off the shoulder neckline, and features a lace bodice, with a tulle dress.  This gown is perfect for the spring or fall.  This style is a more traditional look, and doesn't expose too much of the back.  It's important to know if your hair will be up, or down for your wedding day.  You might want an up do, even if your wedding is set for the winter.  Not all hair styles will complement every type of gown.  If you want your earrings to be prominent, for example, you will need an up do style for your big day.  

Also keep in mind if you want to wear more than one dress for your wedding day. If you are having a civil ceremony, separate from a religious ceremony, you might want to purchase two gowns.

If you are having a destination wedding, you might also purchase two gowns, in case one gets stuck with your luggage. The worst thing would be for you to show up to your paradise, without your dream gown. You would not want to wear whatever they have in the gift shop. That would be such a huge let down.

Costco also sells gowns. You might want to purchase one on sale, and buy two others at regular bridal shops, just in case something happens to one of your gowns.

If you plan on wearing one gown for the civil ceremony, one for the religious ceremony, and a third for the reception, then buying in bulk might be worth it to you. I encourage you to view your options, and decide what styles you prefer. You also might think of purchasing a few bridal outfits to wear for your honeymoon, if the three wedding gowns are completely outside of your budget. Some simple white dresses might be a better fit for you, as you travel to your honeymoon destination.  

Maria Ayala
Maria Ayala

I started writing poetry at age 12.  I am from San Diego, California.  My birthday is on May 30th. Please contribute to my blog.  I also create videos for the Tom Ellis Fan Page on facebook.  Looking forward to watching Lucifer on Netflix!!

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