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CosCom Writersa month ago
How to Make Wedding Preparations Pleasant
Do not start preparing for the wedding too soon because you will only risk stretching out such a stressful period of your life. The optimal time to start preparing for is six months. Do not book a res...
Emma Lacka month ago
Is It Too Early to Propose?
Most girls fantasize about their perfect proposal from a young age—the ring, the setting and most importantly the dream person! However, the timing of a proposal is what could make or break the whole ...
Sophie Testermana month ago
Proposals all take a long time, but this one might be the longest.
Kioko Leoniaa month ago
Etiquette for Attending a Same Sex Wedding
You have been invited to your first same sex wedding! Now what? What is expected? How do you prepare? Where do you even start? Realistically, it's nothing to worry yourself about. Wedding ceremonies, ...
Armando Carreraa month ago
Everything You Need to Pack for a Beach Honeymoon
You wouldn't think that planning what to pack for a beach honeymoon is that much different from a honeymoon anywhere else, but this is the beach. As a bride, you want to remain comfortable under the h...
Skye Hartmana month ago
Planning a Wedding
I learned a few things from planning my own wedding and doing everything by myself, and there's a couple things I learned along the way. Just to give you an idea of what I was working with, I had a bu...
Sherry Campbella month ago
Why Is Rain on Your Wedding Good Luck?
Rain on your wedding day is enough to push any bridezilla over the edge. However, if it does turn out to be dreary and damp on your wedding day, you shouldn't be so quick to anger or disappointment. I...
Nicola P. Younga month ago
Should You DIY Your Wedding Cake?
Making the decision to DIY your wedding cake should not be taken too lightly. There are some great reasons for it, of course, but there are also some great reasons against it. Whether or not your "pro...
Loni Bauer2 months ago
Things that Helped Me, as a Lazy Bride to Be
Like most little girls, I dreamed of my wedding day. I planned the little intricacies and pomp with flare while imagining I was a princess wearing white. I became more and more jaded by hate of dating...