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Is It Too Early to Propose?

You're in love! Now what?

Most girls fantasize about their perfect proposal from a young age—the ring, the setting and most importantly the dream person! However, the timing of a proposal is what could make or break the whole experience.

Of course each couple is different and it is essential to listen to your partner in what they say directly to you while also being able to read between the lines and understand subtle messages they may be hinting at as well. Engagement is a deeply personal thing unique to each couple. 

After deciding earlier this year I wanted to propose to my girlfriend, I scoured the internet to discover the 'rules' of proposal etiquette and how long is generally considered acceptable to wait before popping the question. This is what I found:

A Scientific Answer:

According to research by British jewelers F.Hinds, one year and eight months of dating is the sweet spot for a proposal. A surprising amount of research exists on this topic and in light of that, if a scientific answer to your proposal questions is what you seek, I encourage you to view some of this research which I will link at the end of this article.

A Realistic Answer:

After visiting what seemed like a thousand different webpages searching for the answer to my question "Is It Too Early To Propose?" I realized something—the inevitable success or failure of my proposal is reliant on one thing: will she say yes? Now, this sent me into a panicked frenzy of a whole different sort, before I realized I already had the answer at my fingertips! I took my girlfriend out for a drink and asked general questions surrounding the topic of engagement and marriage, before aiming the conversation more towards us as a couple. This was an informal way of essentially finding out if she was ready for a proposal at that time—or if not, when would she be?

If your partner expresses their readiness, then you're set! Feel free to take your own time in picking out the ring and making the proposal perfect for the both of you, but you can start planning now!

If your partner would prefer to wait, make sure you find out what is holding them back so you can work on potential issues as a couple and reconsider a proposal at some point in the future. Don't take this as a rejection. Each person will be ready in their own time and ensuring you respect that in your partner will make them even more likely to say yes when the time eventually comes.

A proposal is going to be one of the most special and memorable moments in your whole relationship so make sure the timing is 100 percent right for both of you. No time is too early if you are both ready! 

Research and further reading:

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Is It Too Early to Propose?
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