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How to Find Wedding Planner Jobs

If you are interested in being a wedding planner, the first thing you should be aware of is that most wedding planners are self-employed.

The vast majority of wedding planners in the wedding industry own their own wedding planning businesses, and you need to edit your resume online for this job. So you could say that the typical wedding planner creates her or his own job.

According to The International Institute of Weddings, it is estimated that only about 10 percent or less of all wedding planners work for employers, while 90 percent are independently employed.

For the small minority of wedding planners who do seek wedding planning jobs, as opposed to running their own wedding planning businesses, there are several different types of potential employers within the wedding industry who may offer wedding planner jobs.

The categories of employers that offer wedding planner jobs are: churches/chapels, reception venues, event planning firms, and established wedding planners

A wedding planner job with a Church or chapel would entail coordinating wedding ceremonies as the on-site wedding planner.

A wedding planner job with a reception venue would entail coordinating wedding receptions as the venue's on-site wedding planner. Reception venues can include banquet halls, country clubs, resorts, cruise ships, and hotels.

Established wedding planners sometimes offer wedding planner jobs, but this is less common. For a wedding planner to be able to afford to hire other wedding planners, they need to be doing very high end weddings, or they need to be doing a very large volume of weddings in order to make it cost effective to bring other wedding planners on. The typical wedding planner works independently.

Large event planning firms may offer jobs for wedding planners. Event planning firms are companies that handle all kinds of events–everything from corporate functions, fashion shows and festivals, to private parties. Generally you need to be located in a large and affluent metropolitan area to find a wedding planner job with this kind of employer.

If you want to become a wedding planner, it's best to be prepared to go into business for yourself, rather than depending on employers to hire you for wedding planner jobs. There are far more clients (ie: brides and grooms) looking to hire wedding planners than there are employers offering wedding planner jobs. But moreover, you will typically earn more money as a self-employed wedding planner, and you'll have more flexibility as well as more creative control.

Especially in today's volatile economy, where lay offs and job cuts are an every day occurrence, often on a moment's notice, being a self-employed wedding planner often offers greater "job security" than you'll get from a wedding planner job where you are employed by someone else. Just a tip!

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How to Find Wedding Planner Jobs
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