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How My Wedding Came a Lot Sooner Than Expected

About a Year Early

It was Labor Day weekend of 2016 when I had met my husband for the first time. I had went to meet a friend of his who had never been to New York City before and my husband was there to give him the tour. I had met the friend through an online dating site and thought it was good to meet. Now the friend had mentioned to me that my now husband was going to tag along since it was his first time in New York City and he just wanted to see around Manhattan so I said that it was ok and we had met that Saturday before Labor Day.

When I had met them, they had both been sweet and nice talking to me and while talking to them was when I had found out that they were both in the Army. Now, I had never really talked to anyone in the Army before but it was interesting to talk to them how it is like being in the Army. Now, although I was there to really talk to my now husband's friend, my husband had talked to me throughout most of the time together. It had been nice to talk to him and I enjoyed his company. But, as naive as I was at the time, I still chose my husband's friend over him.

Now I kept talking to my husband's friend for about a month and a half. They were stationed in Upstate New York and a few times I had travelled up the to see them. But, then after his friend didn't want to go any further with talking. I was ok with it, and then all of a sudden, I started talking to my now husband.

Now, I had noticed when we had first met that my husband had liked me, but I didn't know how much until we started talking. My husband wanted to start a relationship and I wasn't sure on it yet since it would be awkward cause of me talking to his friend before. But, my husband didn't care and said that he was willing to do whatever it took to make him mine. Then we had started officially dating and would see each other whenever we could.

Then, my husband had gone to Louisiana for 3 weeks to train in March of 2017 and I couldn't talk to him the whole time he was there and I was missing him. Even though I knew that he couldn't see my messages cause he didn't have his phone on him. I still decided on sending him one message in the morning and one message at night before going to bed. I couldn't wait until I was able to talk to him again.

Then April of 2017, my husband had come back and one night while on FaceTime, he had got down on one knee and proposed to me. Now, I was shocked and I said yes. But, I wasn't sure if it was a real proposal since he had been consuming alcohol all night with his Army friends, so I didn't take it much into thought. But, then he came down for Easter weekend and it was then when he decided to take me to a nice seafood restaurant in City Island and propose to me there by putting the engagement ring in a cheesecake. Now, once the engagement had been official, we had spent the night together at a hotel and then he went back to his Army base and I went home and told my parents the news.

So since the engagement had been made official and public to all our friends and family, we were deciding on when it would be the best time to schedule a wedding date and we had thought about maybe doing a summer wedding and planned it around this past August of 2018. I was feeling excited of being able to have a wedding and how nice it was going to be. That I was going to wear a princess-style wedding gown and the bridesmaids would have dresses in a blue shade. I couldn't wait to have all of it. But, of course, it ended up not happening and I didn't get my dream wedding...

It was May 2017, it was my husband's birthday, who at the time was my fiancé, and I had travelled upstate to go spend the weekend with him for his birthday. But, then I noticed that I hadn't gotten my period since it was that time of the month for me and it hadn't come. Also I was feeling a little sick and I didn't understand why. So when I had gone back home, the next day, I went to the pharmacy and bought two pregnancy tests, one ClearBlue and the other First Response since I really wanted to be sure that I didn't get mixed results. But, they both ended up telling me that I was pregnant which was much to my surprise because I wasn't ready to have a child yet since I was still in college and I wanted to finish and get my degree. But, they both came out positive for being pregnant and I even went to a clinic to verify my pregnancy in which they confirmed my pregnancy.

Now, I was afraid since I know that my parents would not approve because they wanted me to finish school before settling down and starting a family. My husband was of course excited since he wanted to be a father and he couldn't wait to tell his parents and told them right after I told him that I was pregnant. It took me a while to tell my parents and surprisingly, my dad had taken it a lot better than I thought, although my mom got really upset. She wondered what we were going to do now and her solution was to get married as soon as we could so that way my husband could help support me and have good benefits.

So July of 2017 was when we had gotten married and instead of getting married in a church because of the quick timing. My husband and I had to get married in City Hall in Manhattan with our sisters as witnesses to our marriage.

Now, although it wasn't the way that I had pictured getting married, it had went well anyway. We had gotten a hotel and my mom decided to throw a party at her house to celebrate us getting married. It was beautiful regardless, and I am happy to have my husband and together we had a beautiful baby girl whom we love so dearly. I don't regret any part of how our little wedding went down and our baby that we had together. I love them more than anything in the whole world and I couldn't have asked for anything better.

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How My Wedding Came a Lot Sooner Than Expected
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