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How Much Do Wedding Flowers Cost on Average?

Flowers are the ultimate accessory for any trendy big day, but can often come as an unexpected wedding investment. As more couples seek out inexpensive alternatives, we began to wonder, how much do wedding flowers cost?

Photo courtesy of Tamara Menzi via Unsplash

No blushing bride is complete without a gorgeous bouquet, nor is a reception hall fully decorated without beautiful blooming floral centerpieces. Although many couples may consider flowers a small detail in the grand scheme of planning their special day, a good florist can brighten up any room with stunning colors and designs to truly create a fairytale wedding. 

Nevertheless, just as they can make a wedding truly pop, fresh cut flowers can also quickly demolish an entire wedding budget. As most couples are unaccustomed to working with professional florists for large events, they can easily make simple yet critical mistakes that will drastically increase the cost of flowers. With everyone trying to find their happily ever after, and especially with so many people planning a wedding on a budget, many couples begin to wonder how much do wedding flowers cost? However, using a few easy ground rules, any bride can select a fabulous florist for a very reasonable price. 

The Answer

Image courtesy of Sweet Ice Cream Photography via Unsplash

Unlike choosing your perfect wedding dress or reception venue, the price of flowers generally depends on the couple’s specific needs, resulting in a wide range of florist pricing. Depending on the season, the types and colors of flowers desired, the number of displays and bouquets required, and the location of the venue, couples can easily burst their budget on a pricey petunia. At minimum, flowers are typically required for a bridal bouquet, bridesmaid bouquets, boutonnieres for the groom and groomsmen, petals for the flower girl’s basket, arrangements for the ceremony, and decorations for the reception. Depending on the size of the bridal party, the average cost of flowers can skyrocket. In addition, many couples may request even more displays, such as arrangements to accompany the bathrooms, DJ booth, dessert displays, cocktail hour tables, escort-card tables, as well as boutineers and corsages for parents and grandparents. As a result, the price of flowers can quickly and unexpectedly grow, making it a top priority for any couple on a tight budget.

On average, most couples typically spend $6,000 to $11,000 on their wedding flowers, although many florists are able to create stunning arrangements for around $3,000. Wedding planners typically allocate approximately 10 percent of the total budget to floral arrangements, making flowers a true investment piece for all events surrounding the big day. 

How to Save

Photo courtesy of Tamara Menzi via Unsplash

Thankfully, there are a few simple options that can help couples looking to save still achieve their dream wedding day. For example, mixing high and low priced flowers allows for more variety while still allowing the bride to choose her floral focal point. For example, baby’s breath is a beautiful yet simple ornament that can bulk up a smaller bouquet for a fraction of the cost. Even green fillers with bright pops of color can provide a wonderful atmosphere for any event.

For those seeking to add a uniquely personal touch to their wedding, incorporating family keepsakes, special photographs, or other treasured items into table displays can help bring down the total cost of flowers. Even candles or votives can help add depth to a centerpiece without requiring any additional floral costs. In the romance of the candlelight, smaller bouquets will seamlessly blend into the aura of the evening.

A third alternative for table arrangements is to incorporate plants or cacti as centerpieces. Not only are succulents having a moment for the trendiest interior decorators, but using them is a great tip for a DIY wedding. Not only do couples save on expensive flowers, but they also reduce any extra florist fees that may be listed as a separate line item in the final bill. As these plants live significantly longer than traditional cut bouquets, they can serve as a wonderful memento for friends and family to commemorate the big day. 

Shop Local

Image courtesy of Jeremey Wong Weddings via Unsplash

Supporting the local economy is another great way to save money on flowers. While some brides may covet designs from special celebrity florists, local professionals will likely have a better knowledge of the venue with a lower transportation or travel fee. As a result, when asked "how much do wedding flowers cost?" local florists can offer significantly lower prices. These designers will most likely suggest locally-sourced flowers that are perfectly acclimated to the climate. For example, many delicate flowers do not survive long in tropical heat, requiring florists to purchase more during the bulk order to give the appearance of maintained volume. Local flowers are also more easily accessible, meaning they can be purchased for a less expensive price than imported blooms while remaining more fresh and bright.

For those using a separate venue for the ceremony and reception, consider using the same flowers for both events. By selecting durable flowers and arranging them in easily transportable pots, brides and grooms can save money by simply moving the ceremony flowers to the reception hall. Be sure to discuss this plan with the florist in advance, as it may require special strategizing to ensure long-lasting flowers that will stay beautiful throughout the day. 

Less Can Be More

Image courtesy of Thomas William via Unsplash

As always, less can sometimes be more. As florists often have to order their stock in bulk, selecting only a few types of flowers instead of aiming for a mixed bouquet can help save on initial fees. This minimalistic trend particularly looks amazing when brides choose flowers with a lot of natural volume, such as hydrangeas, open-stem calla lillies, ranunculus, or peonies.

Finally, couples looking to save on flowers may want to consider investing their money into a gorgeous venue. Particularly for outdoor events already on a sunny beach, in blooming garden, or in wooded vineyard, flowers may not even be required. Another option is to select a few larger pieces, such as a flower wall for photographs or a grand centerpiece on the head table, that really create an individualized “wow” moment. In both situations, the only requirement for other tables is minimal pieces to fill the center space.

In Conclusion

Image courtesy of Irina via Unsplash

The question of how much do wedding flowers cost is one that is often forgotten, but planning your wedding flowers can be almost as complicated as getting married itself. Thankfully the plethora of kind and helpful florists in the industry are prepared to help make dreams come true. To really minimize the cost of any wedding, the most important tip is to simply be honest with your florist about both your desires and budget early on, and trust their advice when given. Armed with a wonderful professional florist and a few simple tips, savvy brides everywhere can accessorize their wedding with stunningly colorful flowers and still remain on budget.

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