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Honeymoon Registry Sites Every Bride & Groom Should Know

Honeymoon registry sites are a great way for your wedding guests to give you and your partner gifts you truly want. Here are some of the best sites we've found to celebrate your big day!

If you and your fiancé are in the process of wedding planning, you may also be considering honeymoon registry sites for your friends, family, and other wedding guests who want to help give you a dream honeymoon, cash funds, or other special gifts on your big day. Modern day wedding registries have become much more innovative than days of old. Your wedding website can be integrated for gift givers to use cash or check, and they make the gift giving process much less stressful. Registering for your honeymoon is simple on your side of things, and guests feel no obligation to find a tangible item you will use because they can contribute to your honeymoon registry, providing you with an experience instead. Some of the best wedding gifts are not just gifts, but moments as well. We’ve included both traditional stores and interactive sites in our list of the best honeymoon fund and honeymoon registry sites below. Take a look! This could be the very beginning of a DIY wedding!

Bed, Bath, & Beyond

Bed, Bath, & Beyond is a traditional honeymoon registry site and wedding gift store, and it has remained one of the most popular out there for good reason. At Bed, Bath, & Beyond, wedding guests can provide new couples with both home and vacation items to make their dream honeymoon and life come true. Traditional doesn’t have to go out of style when stores like this make things so simple and continue to make it work. You can't go wrong with the essentials at Bed, Bath, & Beyond. Every new couple will need things to start a life with, and here, they will be able to register for the gifts they want the most.


Unlike a traditional store, Honeyfund is a honeymoon registry site completely devoted to the dream honeymoon. This site makes both registering for the honeymoon extremely easy, and helping to fund the honeymoon easy for wedding guests as well. Couples can group their honeymoon into different price buckets based on airfare, night stays, excursions, dinners, etc. Then, guests can use cash funds to contribute to each item. There is a 2.8 percent credit card processing fee, but this is relatively low for a honeymoon registry site. Honeyfund also offers the option to link wedding registry sites to it, so that wedding guests can also purchase cash gifts as well. This is a great combination registry site option.


Similar to Honeyfund, Zola is another honeymoon registry site where friends and family can buy into cash funds that couples set up around activities they would like to experience during their dream honeymoon. In combination with traditional wedding gifts that can be purchased from wedding registries connected to the site, wedding guests can be a part of creating a honeymoon experience for the bride and groom. Zola has low transaction fees at only 2.7 percent. They also have an iPhone app to make gift buying simple.


Blueprint registry is another honeymoon registry site new to the game that makes registering for honeymoon experiences easy for couples, and purchasing dream honeymoon gifts and cash funds easy for wedding guests. This wedding website will be the perfect honeymoon fund for couples who want their friends and family to make their wedding planning super simple, and keep their wedding gifts all in one place. With this wedding registry, guests can purchase experiences, cash funds, and tangible gifts with simple credit card processing through the computer or iPhone app. Transactions fees are low at only 2.99 percent, making Blueprint registry an excellent option for couples and guests alike.


Wanderable is a great honeymoon registry site, because it allows the couple to customize their wedding website and make it personally appealing to their friends and family. Wedding guests can pay for dream honeymoon experiences for the couple for no extra cost by cash or check, and for a small 2.5 percent transaction fee, guests can pay with credit card. However, the couple can choose to pick up the credit card processing fee for their guests. Wanderable is a wedding registry site that focuses on the travel aspect of the honeymoon, and works like a travel agent would, sending the bride and groom to some of the best honeymoon locations ever. Guests will want to contribute to the dream honeymoon experience when they see the personal feel of this honeymoon registry site.

Newlywed Fund

The Newlywed Fund is a honeymoon registry site and wedding registry site that is tied to The Knot—one of the most popular wedding websites out there. The Newlywed Fund will combine your honeymoon fund and your wedding registry so that wedding guests can contribute cash funds directly into your bank account for both gifts and experiences. The credit card processing fee at The Knot is only 2.5 percent, which is one of the lowest in the wedding business. Because the Knot is such a trusted name, we know that The Newlywed Fund is surely one of the best options for honeymoon registry sites.

Traveler's Joy

Traveler’s Joy is a great honeymoon registry site that works like a travel agent to help friends and family participate with each couple in making a dream honeymoon come to life. Not only do wedding guests contribute cash funds through the site to help pay for the experiences on the trip, but couples can use honeymoon stories and destination guides through Traveler’s Joy to choose and plan their perfect honeymoon, and then relay this information to their wedding guests. Their transaction fees are 2.95 percent for credit cards ,and free for cash or check. This site is similar to other honeymoon registry sites, but includes additional travel tips for couples.


Other traditional honeymoon registry sites out there are ones like Amazon. On Amazon, couples can register for almost anything under the sun; and because friends and family are already so familiar with this site, they will have no trouble navigating the web, giving you what you want and need for your future honeymoon and home.


Target is another great option for both honeymoon registry and wedding registry sites. Couples can go in stores and pick out what they want to register for their honeymoon, and wedding guests will easily be able to buy gifts in person or online for the happy couple to enjoy. Sometimes, traditional is the easiest option for all, and providing thoughtful wedding gifts that couples will actually use is a sure-fired way to have a happy bride and groom!


Wayfair is a great online store that can be used as a honeymoon registry site or a wedding registry site. This store has all the items any couple may need for a dream honeymoon or a new home. Wedding guests can purchase these gifts from a couple’s wedding registry online very easily. If couples want a more traditional online option, Wayfair is a fantastic choice with great prices.

Whether you want to go the traditional route or try one of the combination, cash-fund honeymoon registry options, there are many different honeymoon registry sites out there to choose from. Do your research and decide which one is best for your wedding, your lifestyle, your fiancé, and your guests. Good luck, and congratulations!

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Honeymoon Registry Sites Every Bride & Groom Should Know
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