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Creative DIY Photo Booth Ideas Your Guests Will Love

Planning your next party soon? Here are some of the best DIY photo booth ideas that are easy to create and fun to use!

Photo booths are a great addition to any birthday party, wedding, or any other fun occasion with friends and family, and as DIY weddings are more popular than ever, so are DIY attractions such as photo booths. There are many DIY photo booth ideas out there to make your happy day even happier. Photo booth backdrops can be super simple. A DIY backdrop may include tissue paper, gold sequins, a little bit of glitter, or maybe some paint. One of the biggest wedding trends of 2018, photo booths let you get creative and make the day even more fun for your guests. Here are some DIY photo booth ideas that your guests are sure to love.

Balloon Wall

A balloon wall is a great DIY photo booth idea for any birthday party or wedding photo booth because it is super easy and inexpensive to put together. Simply blow up a bunch of balloons and tie them together to create a photo booth backdrop. This DIY backdrop will look great as your guests stand in front and make funny poses in front of the camera that you can keep forever to commemorate your happy day. The photo booth area will look festive with the multicolored balloons brightening up the background.

Gold Sequins

Using gold sequins as your photo booth backdrop is a great idea, because you can buy gold sequins in premade strands at many party stores. It is easy to hang these strands up as a DIY backdrop for your birthday party or wedding photo booth. Your photo booth area will be glamorous and match your guests fancy outfits as they smile in front of the camera. This photo booth area is perfect for an indoor event or a nighttime event that is a little more formal.


Having a chalkboard DIY backdrop is a great DIY photo booth idea if you want to make your wedding photo booth a little more personalized. You can keep a bucket of chalk nearby so that friends and family can write on the photo booth backdrop and in their photos, each person will have a memento of well wishes to the bride and groom. This will be special and unique. Also, you can create black foam boards for guests to hold in their photos and chalk notes can be written on these as well. The personal touch will be appreciated by all!

Sticker/Magnet Words

Another personalized DIY photo booth idea is to use Magnet and/or sticker words as your photo book backdrop. Have a plain black DIY backdrop and like the refrigerator magnets, have a bunch of random words provided as stickers on the backdrop behind the camera. Also provide blank pieces for people to write on. Guests can combine these words to create sentences and then take pictures in front of the words. It will be fun for guests to pose in front of the sentences on your happy day and send messages for the couple to read later.

Use a Couch

If you want to keep it simple, a DIY photo booth idea that is relatively easy to do is to place a couch in front of your photo booth backdrop for your guests to sit on together for pictures at your birthday party or any other celebration. They can pile in for funny photos, include foam board signs and props, and have a blast as they gather around and commemorate the happy day.

Oversized Picture Frame

The oversized polaroid frame is a classic photo booth idea. that is super simple to make. Simply use a piece of poster board, and the bottom of the polaroid can have the name of your event on the bottom, so that every photo taken will represent your happy day. Your guests can make funny poses inside the frame and keep them as a memento of how much fun they had at your event.

Box of Props

Another classic DIY photo booth idea that is very easy to do is to have a box of props available for your guests at the photo booth area. Whatever your photo booth backdrop may be, a box of props will keep the crowd acting silly and entertained as they play dress up and pose for the camera. You can’t go wrong with this photo booth idea for any birthday party or wedding photo booth, because when guest get together, they will make sure to take some hilarious photos with these props.

Paper Chains

Paper chains as a DIY photo booth idea is a great way to get creative if you want to get involved and make your own photo booth backdrop. Making paper chains will have you feeling like a kid again as you glue together colored construction paper and hang them from the ceiling as your DIY photo booth backdrop. This is a fun and festive idea and your guests will love this décor for any birthday party or event.

Wall Paper

Using wallpaper as your photo booth backdrop is simple, budget friendly, and can provide a wide variety of materials, colors, and patterns to choose from. Whatever your theme may be for your happy day, there are so many wallpapers to choose from that can match your event. Your guests will love whatever you choose, and this is a great option for your DIY photo booth, because your guests become the focus of every photo. Let their poses be the spotlight, so you can remember every moment!

Jail Booth

A fun DIY photo booth idea for a themed party or possibly a Halloween birthday party could be a jail photo booth, where guests get to hold up their own admittance numbers and take funny mugshots for the camera. This DIY backdrop would be an easy white backdrop with heights labeled. The guests would do most of the work here by getting creative with their facial expressions. The outcome of these photos would surely be some awesome party favors!

Whatever event you choose to plan next, be sure to consider some of these awesome DIY photo booth ideas. A photo booth is a super simple and way to add entertainment to a party, and is great if you're planning a wedding on a budget. Your guests will love it, and it will give them a way to remember your party for years to come.

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Creative DIY Photo Booth Ideas Your Guests Will Love
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