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Choosing a Wedding Car: Be Wise or Be in Trouble!

Imagine everything going smoothly on your wedding day, just to realize, in the end, that your huge ball gown dress won’t fit in the car. Or even worse, your hired wedding car is a no show!

For all of us, wedding days are very special. We wait for this day our whole lives, because this is the only day where we are the star of the occasion. The entire day is dedicated to just us, and it is our only chance in a lifetime to feel like a princess or prince charming. However, we can feel that way only if we are absolutely stress free and there are no worries weighing down upon us.

In order to feel stress free on our big day, we need to make sure that we have planned everything perfectly, right to the very minutest detail, and then just hope that everything works out just fine. Only paying attention to booking the venue, buying the dress and arranging a stylist won’t make up for everything. A little foolishness when it comes to hiring the right car for the grand day can shatter the dream of your perfect wedding into pieces. You need to be extremely wise and think clearly while contacting a London chauffeur company. Take Jag is a luxury car rental service in London. They ensure to provide you with stunning Jaguar models, which are less than four months old, for your wedding day.

Things to Consider While Choosing a Wedding Car

Imagine everything going smoothly on your wedding day, just to realize in the end that your huge ball gown dress won’t fit in the car, or even worse, your hired wedding car is a no show! It would be a nerve-wracking experience, and such a grave mistake can delay your entire ceremony and ruin everything in the process, along with your mood. So, when going for a wedding car hire in London, you must be extremely cautious about what decision you make. 

Here are a few things you should keep in mind.

  1. Location: Before choosing what kind of car you would want on your big day, make sure to consider the destination and how far is it from your home or the hotel. Even if the wedding and the reception is held at the same place, you still have to reach the venue on time! Moreover, if you have to travel from the church to the place of reception, then you need to factor in the distance between the two. Also, the total number of trips the car will make to carry the bridesmaids and the other guests will have to incorporated into the decision-making process as well.
  2. Theme: It is very important to keep your wedding theme in mind while choosing the luxury car. You need to be very clear on whether you want a vintage car, or something modern, to go with your winter wonderland wedding or maybe be your more quirky wedding theme. You also need to carefully select the colour of the car so that it blends in with the theme of your wedding. Certainly a blood red jaguar won’t do justice to your winter wonderland themed wedding.
  3. Logistics: You need to be realistic while choosing the wedding car. Your dream car might be an open hooded, two seater jag. But that would be an unrealistic choice if, -- a) the weather isn’t conducive (raining or snowing!); b) if you have hired just one car and have 5 or 6 bridesmaids who will accompany you to the reception or the wedding venue.
  4. Extras: It is very important to find out what other extra services would it include and what services won’t be covered. Ask the company clearly whether a chauffeur will be provided along with the luxury car or not. Ask whether the company shall help to decorate the car, complimentary champagne bottle will be there inside (or not), and make arrangements accordingly.

These are the few things you need to factor in while hiring a luxury car for your wedding day. Also, try and choose a local company, as the driver will know the area and the chances of you getting lost will be minimized. 

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Choosing a Wedding Car: Be Wise or Be in Trouble!
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