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Brand New Bride to Be

Wedding Planning Disasters

So you meet the love of your life, he gets down on one knee and asks you to spend the rest of your life with him. Damn, what a dream. You tell all of your family, take a minute to realize YOU ARE NOW AN ENGAGED WOMAN! Then it all sets in...the stress, the planning, everything.

Now some girls have been dreaming about their dream wedding for their whole lives. Me? Not so much. I dream of living with my best friend and traveling and more like the married life afterward. I dream of being a wife, but not really the journey or ceremony behind becoming one.

So my fiancee popped the question, I said yes! As we start telling people, literally hours after it happened, their first question is always "Have you picked a date yet?" I'm just like excuse me let me have a minute to think about what we want before your nosy self gets involved. I really want to try to keep my wedding planning to a minimum on Facebook. Not everyone needs to know every detail about it.

Anyway...planning sucks. Some people say to start with a date, some say a venue, some say the dress. It is so confusing. And every time you try to get help planning somebody or every website has different answers. Ugh! So three months after getting engaged here is what we HAD decided:

  • He wants to wear jeans and boots.
  • It will be in his hometown.
  • The cake will be topped with the robots from "Sweet Home Alabama."

Some serious planning skills we have going on, right? NOT! Finally, we went to a wedding in September, and let me just tell you, hot was an understatement about the weather that day. Like seriously, I did not know it was possible to drip sweat in a little cocktail dress. Needless to say it was this wedding that caused my fiancee to pick a date: November 2, 2019 for the only reason that it for sure will not be super hot and humid in Tennessee. And the minute we picked a date, everyone of course criticized us for picking a date that there was a home game. Because Tennessee Football fans are no joke.

The next week we were trying to figure out a guest list and catering because I hate procrastinating and I just wanted answers. Well he wants a lot of people and all I see is dollar signs with how expensive catering is and all that. Finally, I brought up pizza. Every wedding I have ever been to, I have eaten the food, been done and felt like I would have rather had pizza. As I was trying to sell it to my fiancee I mentioned that if we got pizza then we could invite as many people as he wanted because it would be so much cheaper. He agrees and I actually finally get excited about my wedding. Like I am super excited to be his wife but the wedding day is just ugh. Mostly because most of my family doesn't want to get along, I hate dresses and bad food, and honestly it just seems like a lot of money for one day. But I've pushed through it and deciding on pizza was the turning point of excitement for the actual day. Well once I started mentioning it to people they were all like "oh that's the cheap route," "must be super casual," and completely dissing MY decision. Very rude!

It was about this time I stopped talking to people about it. Let it all be a surprise. It will be a rustic barn wedding and so it will be very casual. There will be a s'mores bar, a wiener roast station, and yes, we are serving pizza. It was at this moment I actually got really mad. Everyone kept telling me since I got engaged "oh it's your day, so whatever you want" then would criticize or tell me no to what I want. So finally I have decided that I just don't care what anyone has to say. The only way I will be happy with how this turns out is to let the big day reflect me and my fiancee's relationship. I want people to walk in and be like "this is so Dustin and Allison's wedding!" I want it to be dorky and casual and nerdy. And there is nothing wrong with that. It is my fiancee's and my day, and as long as we are happy, that is all that matters.

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Brand New Bride to Be
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