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Black Wedding Dresses That You Won't Hate

Just in case you're looking to star in your own version of 'Four Weddings and a Funeral,' these black wedding dresses are definitely worth a looksee.

The wedding industry is changing at a breakneck speed, and to a point, it's due to the difficulty that people have when planning their own weddings. Everything about the wedding world is changing—the price, the traditions, and yes, even the clothing. 

Price-wise, weddings have slowly crept up in price for the past couple of decades. Though they once were very modest happenings, they have turned into full-scale productions involving color themes, pastries that look like they came out of Cake Wars, and prep time that involves months of primping, dieting, and preening. 

Unsurprisingly, many couples are beginning to buck the traditions in favor of making weddings that are more about them than traditions. One of the newest wedding trends for 2018 that has started to gain traction among goths and other counterculture types are black wedding dresses. 

Before you balk, take a moment to look at these beautiful numbers. You might reconsider your insistence on wearing white. 

Here's proof that you don't have to be goth to love black wedding dresses.

Designer Elizabeth Dye has managed to create a classy two-piece dress that looks elegant, mysterious, and at the same time, downright beautiful. Though it's black as night, this wedding dress doesn't have the vibe of "goth" in the least bit. It's unique in a way that will keep people talking. 

If paired with some gold accessories and a natural makeup look, anyone could pull this dress off. 

This one is simple, striking, and reusable.

One of the most aggravating aspects of wedding dresses is the fact that you can only wear white ones once. This beautiful number from Adrianna Papell has a huge perk that white wedding dresses don't. It's stylish and versatile enough to be used in multiple settings.

Next wedding? Sure! No one will know it's your dress. Funeral? Sure, why not? It's black, it works.


Black wedding dresses are already daring choices for people who want to have more control over their wedding plans. When you add in these daring cuts and the broad shoulders of this beautifully quirky dress, then you know your dress will be the talk of the town for years to come.

This dress is pretty exotic and would work very well for someone who wants to channel their inner Siouxie Sioux on their special day. 

Feeling floral?

There's something innately romantic and beautiful about the idea of a black rose bouquet. This floral applique gown takes that idea and runs with it hard, to create a wedding dress that has a strikingly goth touch with a very heavy emphasis on the more Victorian-style romance of yore.

The back of the dress really shows off your back while keeping that ever-romantic look intact. Beautiful, right? 

Cold shouldered can look pretty hot.

If you're plus size, then you don't have to feel left out of the black wedding dress trend. This cold-shoulder gown works wonderfully as a dark wedding dress and also flatters every figure. Better still, this dress flows beautifully without causing difficulty while walking. 

Stuffing poofy dresses in a limo is no fun. This dress will give you the ease of wear that you want, without issue. You'll also look great in the wedding photos you must have taken while in this beautiful piece. 

We wouldn't mind shouldering the burden of wearing this dress!

Black wedding dresses are naturally avant garde, sure, but this one just takes the cake! This single-shoulder gown is all about bringing asymmetry to a form of high art. A unique cut like this will not go unnoticed, especially with that sky-high leg cut. Fierce? Oh my, yes. 

Black lace on a beach wedding? We're loving it.

Black lace is already seen as sexy and sultry, but when you add it as the main theme of your wedding dress, you've got a real winner. This form-fitting gown would have any fashionista feeling herself! 

Actually, let's be real about this photo for a moment. Both the bride and groom look amazing, and are proof that some trends definitely need to stay in style. 

This will have you all laced up and ready to walk down the aisle.

Yep, it definitely seems like lace is a big winner when it comes to making black wedding dresses with a touch of class. This slinky black dress has plenty of lace accents, is made with light material that sweeps down to the floor, and adds a modern yet Victorian flair to your wedding day. 

If you ask us, the backless accent is really what makes this dress amazing. It looks so sexy, yet so elegant!

We're not embellishing when we say that this dress rocks.

Mild embellishments are often the most eye-catching ones, especially when you're talking about sculpted cutouts. This dress has that elegant and sophisticated vibe that women want on their wedding day, without seeming even the least bit trashy. 

If you're looking for a dress that will flaunt your chest and thin waist, the deep plunge of this V-neckline is a great way to start. 

Okay, this is a bit goth.

Though a lot of people might argue otherwise, there's nothing wrong with being a bit goth at times. Thankfully, there are plenty of black wedding dresses that cater to the urge to be a princess of the night. Extra frills and a lot of tulle poof means that you can expect some seriously impressive photo opportunities here. Even the best wedding photographers on Instagram love a good black wedding dress.

This is some amazing lace.

Finding dressmakers who can make lace work itself into a major statement is hard, but that's what makes Aijek's work so epic. This dress uses lace to extend the overall length of the dress and create a very elegant chest design. 

If you're looking for something that is modern yet old school, this is a great choice. It's got the old school bridal train, mixed in with a new school twist. 

This is witchy and mysterious, in the best way possible.

Have you ever looked at Maleficent's outfits and turned a little green with envy? Don't worry, we all have been here. We also tend to all love the slightly witchy yet at the same time sexy look of her dress. 

This is one of the wedding dresses that Maleficent would proudly wear. Fans of the most stylish Disney villain can all agree—it's got a shape and a structure that looks downright incredible. 

Here is 1920s glam in a 2020s wedding!

Back in the 1920s, glamor was in. The Art Deco movement of the age has remained a major source of inspiration for fashion designers, trendy individuals, and anyone who wants a look that is both runway-ready and red carpet-friendly. 

Oscar de la Renta channeled that old world glam in one of the most beautiful black wedding dresses we've seen. This column gown is guaranteed to turn heads, and will be versatile enough to work for a variety of events after your wedding. 

This dress is simply elegant, timeless, and classic—all in one.

Sometimes, the best dress you can reach for is the one that allows you to show off your figure without adding all the sequins, flowers, and tchotchkes that other wedding gowns are so fond of having. 

Naeem Khan is a pretty surprising designer to see behind such a simple dress, but trust us, he made it rock. The structure of this dress emphasizes your waist, plunges your neckline, and also adds a little height thanks to its long length. 

We could definitely get a bead on it.

You know, it's pretty rare to see wedding dresses that have beaded accents these days. That's part of the reason why seeing such an elegant choice for a black wedding dress is so refreshing; the beads add a unique touch that not many others will have. 

This beautiful lace gown is perfect for people who want to show off their figure while keeping things old school. It's universally flattering, so you can bet that you'll look great in it. 

This one is a line above the rest.

Finally, if you're looking for one of the most classic styles for wedding dresses in noir, why not go for an A-line dress with a princess-y cut to it? Adrianna Papell makes some of the most beautiful black wedding dresses on the market. 

This flowing black ball gown offers a beautiful neckline, a great waist, and one of the most dramatic skirt cuts we've seen in a while. It's a truly timeless way to show off your beauty on the big day. 

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