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Best Wedding Sneakers to Slip into When It's Time to Dance All Night

Your big day has finally arrived. Make sure no one outshines you at a wedding and grab a pair of the best wedding sneakers to truly own the dance floor.

Odds are, the shoes/footwear that you wore to the wedding ceremony are just not going to cut it at the reception. They may appear fancy and fashionable, but they offer absolutely nothing on the dance floor. In fact, they may even restrict you from truly giving it your all. This rings especially true for the two who are getting hitched.

Well, the prayers of every wedding goer have officially been answered with the invention of wedding sneakers. These provide a fashionable and classy look that are comparable to your ceremony shoes while providing great comfort and flexibility for your most exotic dance moves. One of the top sneaker trends of watch out for in 2018, make sure to grab one of the best pairs so you can be ready to bust a move at every wedding you'll RSVP yes to.

Barre Sneaker by Badgley Mischka

We start with a slip-on sneaker that definitely falls on the fancier side of the aisle. Once described as being among the "Top 10 American Designers" by Vogue, Mark Badgley and James Mischka are as reliable as it gets in the fashion industry. These shoes only prove that theorem. 

Adorned with a fashionable jewel in the center, these slip-on sneakers will retain the high society aspect of shoes you wore earlier in the day. However, they will be much more comfortable with a synthetic sole and complete lack of pain-inducing features, like the dreaded high heel. Available in eye-catching colors such as ivory, latte, blue radiance, and carmine pink, you'll be stealing the show on the dance floor in no time.

Princess Sneaker by Reebok

This is a pair of wedding sneakers that will fulfill every little girl's long-awaited dream of being married and treated like a princess. While everyone can't be bonafide princesses (looking at you Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton), that doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to enjoy the perks of being one. 

Enter, the Women's Princess Sneaker by Reebok. With a padded foam sockliner, EVA lightweight cushioning, and a high-abrasion rubber outsole, these have been elected to the royalty of comfortable footwear, an exclusive club no doubt. Before I'm openly mocked, I know Kate and Meghan are not technically "princesses" but they're close enough, so why split hairs?

New Ace Glitter Low Top Sneakers by Gucci

What's more stylish than Gucci these days? Add even more flair and style to your wedding or the wedding you're attending by popping on a pair of these leather shoes from Gucci. The low-top, rounded toe, and genuine leather frame are what give these shoes a leg up on the competition. They just ooze pizzazz, don't they?

Keaton Slip-On Sneakers by Michael Kors

Another behemoth has thrown their hat in the ring of the best wedding sneakers game. Everyone who is aware of fashion has heard of Michael Kors. The high-end fashion designer is a world-renowned name in the industry and is always a safe bet. 

Not only are these shoes a safe choice, they're also downright stunning. You can choose the classic gold, the dark khaki and gold (with stars on the toe and heel), or the silver model (with snowflake crystals all over the middle of the shoe). Combine the unique designs with a leather upper, easy slip-on capabilities, and the padded footbed, and you have yourself a pair of top of the line wedding shoes.

Chuck Taylor® All Star® Shoreline Slip-On by Converse

It's hard to beat the classics. Converse shoes, in my opinion, have always had a classic yet modern design that I can't help but admire. They just look so cool in my eyes. The Chuck Taylor® All Star® Shoreline Slip-Ons are included in that admiration. They feature a sleek, distinct design and are easy to maneuver in. That sounds like an ideal wedding shoe to me.

Lenox Sneaker by TOMS

Similar to almost all of the wedding sneakers you've seen so far, the Lenox Sneakers by TOMS come in a variety of vibrant and simple colors. It depends what outfit you're going with, but there definitely is a pair for you if you're trying to make your big day special by nailing the first dance and the ensuing party-filled dancing that follows.

They offer a padded collar for extra cushion, as well as a molded footbed with antimicrobial protection and cushioned comfort. Those both sound like splendid additions when you consider how hot the inside of a wedding reception can get, especially with anywhere between 20 to 100 (usually) people dancing around you. Stay cool, clean, and as comfortable as possible.

New York Champion Glitter by Keds x Kate Spade

Joining Michael Kors as a giant brand that any average Joe would recognize, Kate Spade has her own pair of wedding sneakers for you to try. The Champion Glitter shoes are exactly what they sound like they would be; comfortable, eye-catching, and full of glitter. They sparkle like Tinker Bell's wings multiplied a few times over, and who doesn't want to shine at a wedding? It's the universal goal by all those who attend. 

Champion Glitter Crib Sneaker by Keds x Kate Spade

*Cue the one million "awh" reactions this will ultimately get.* Remember the shoes above? Well, they have the same pair for toddlers too. That's right, who said kids couldn't embrace a pair of high-quality wedding sneakers and boogie on the dance floor? 

They'll steal the show with their cuteness and give you memories galore. You can even get a pair with your little one and be matching. *Cue another million "awh" reactions.* You can look for these at your favorite places to shop online, although it would be easier to just use the places I provided. Either way, make sure you get a pair before the next wedding day you are a part of. 

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Best Wedding Sneakers to Slip into When It's Time to Dance All Night
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