Trish Gilmore

I’m a creative writer, blogger, and IT person from Charm City, Maryland. If you’re not from around here, that means Baltimore. If you see someone in Fells Point pouring over a tiny Windows laptop that’s a bit too old, you might just have spotted me.

I Let My Fiancé Plan My Bachelorette Party and It Wasn’t a Total Disaster
3 months ago
I do trust my fiancé—I suppose that’s obvious, since I’m marrying him. However, I was very hesitant when he volunteered to plan my bachelorette party. It’s the type of pre-wedding celebration that is ...
10 Things No One Tells You About Eloping
3 months ago
I'd be lying if I said the thought never crossed my mind. I'm at that awkward age where I'm getting up there in my 20s, I've been with my partner for four years, and everyone in my family is starting to look at us a little weirdly. Of all of the times that marriage, and even eloping, has been brought up in conversation, I've come to learn that there are definitely things no one tells you about eloping. I love my family, don't get me wrong. But by the same token, as much as I love them, they driv...
Why Does Wedding Lighting Cost so Much? Is It Worth It?
4 months ago
I wish I could tell you, "No! Absolutely not! Save your money!" Unfortunately, the answer isn't quite so simple. Wedding lighting is as complicated and multifaceted of an issue as just about everythin...
12 Worst Wedding Proposal Mistakes You Can Make
5 months ago
Chances are that if you've got making the proposal on your mind, you've probably been with your partner for a while. You might be going into the proposal with near complete confidence that they're goi...
17 of the Best Cheap Ring Pillows and Holders
5 months ago
Pillows, boxes, and holders, oh my! All of the weddings I've been to so far are of the smaller variety. And guess what? They were positively beautiful and perhaps even more intimate than a big shindig...