Sasha Konikovo

Born in the Ukraine and currently a citizen of New York City, Sasha Konikovo has become obsessed with makeup, fashion, and anything that keeps her svelte figure looking sharp. She hopes to marry a billionaire and have a lifestyle like Paris Hilton soon enough.

10 Signs You Have a Momzilla
6 months ago
A couple of years ago, I used to date a guy whose mother acted more like a jealous girlfriend than a mom. He was a serious Mama's Boy, one that would often act like he was being torn away from his lov...
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Remember Bridezillas? It was a show that was all about brides who had out of control demands, threw fits, and occasionally would get left at the altar after being totally awful to all their loved ones...
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He got down on one knee, you said yes, and it was the most magical thing in the world. You knew he was the one, but you weren't aware that saying yes to his proposal would kick off such a crazy part o...
10 Wedding-Related Signs Your Marriage Will Not Last
9 months ago
I'm a true believer that a wedding can tell you volumes about a couple. It can tell you who their biggest friends are, what they value, the type of lifestyle they'll have together, and also their soci...
What to Do If You and Your Fiancé Can't Agree on a Honeymoon Destination
9 months ago
You're a little bit country, he's a little bit rock and roll. You love the idea of tea with the Queen, he loves the idea of kicking back with a Budweiser and Ted Nugent. As wild as it is for many to b...