Samantha Reid

I have been a creative writer for over 10 years, an academic for 7 years, and a blogger for 3 years. Writing is my passion and it's what I love.

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White Gown? No Way!
9 months ago
In 1840, Queen Victoria did something that would change how weddings were viewed in Western cultures. She wore a white dress on her wedding day and everyone turned their heads. Many people don't know ...
Second-Hand​ Dresses
9 months ago
The world is full of used clothing. Much of it goes into the garbage, but we have developed a wonderful system of donation that saves many of these items and repurposes them to new homes. I have alway...
Diamonds Are So Last Year
9 months ago
There are many slogans for diamonds. The advertising world has been trying to market them to women and men for over a century. Diamonds are forever. Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without....
Rings with Meaning
10 months ago
For many women, the engagement ring is the most important part of the proposal. The setting and the words being said matter, but most women simply care about the ring that they get. And for some, the ...
Skip the Wedding
10 months ago
Every time I sign into my social media accounts, it seems as though everyone I know is getting married. From friends to celebrities, it seems that in the last few years so many people have run to the ...