Samantha L. Banner

Samantha Banner has been copywriting in the professional advertising space since 2014 and amateur writing in her diary for over 29 years. Follow her on Instagram or visit her website.


10 People You Shouldn't Feel Forced to Invite to Your Wedding
a year ago
Raise your hand if you’re working on wedding planning and you’re feeling stressed out about cutting potential guests. You too? Phew, that’s a relief. It is totally normal to be a little worried about ...
How to Make Your Bridal Shower Memorable
a year ago
Bridal showers are an important part of the wedding experience but sometimes they can be a little basic. Between the toilet paper dresses and bridal shower games—you’ve probably seen the same bridal s...
How to Make Your Wedding Bouquet Last Forever
a year ago
Flowers. For any bride they can be one of the most important elements of their special day. In recent years, there have been a ton of new wedding trends, especially when it comes to flowers: big bouqu...