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What to Consider When Booking a Venue
2 days ago
Let’s be honest—the first thing on your mind, once you get past the shock and tears of your engagement and that gorgeous ring on your finger, is “Where are we going to do this thing?!” Venue selection...
The Essentials for a Wedding Emergency Kit
22 days ago
“Oh no…oh my gosh. MOM!!” Think of weddings like Murphy’s Law – if something can go wrong, it will. Dress buttons pop, hair falls, centerpieces break, bridal party members get lost, and occasionally, ...
8 Wedding Planning Hacks to Save Money
2 months ago
One hopes to only have to plan a wedding once in their life. Not only because you’re planning to be wed “'til death do you part”, but because weddings are expensive. As kids dreaming of your fairy tal...
Why Hiring a Wedding Planner is the Best Decision
4 months ago
You’re in heavenly shock. The love of your life just made the grandest proposal for you to be their one and only, forever and ever. Ring photos have been snapped, posted, and shared. Mom, dad, your be...