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Ossiana Tepfenhart is a writer based out of New Jersey. This is her work account. She loves gifts and tips, so if you like something, tip her!

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10 Non-Traditional Wedding Gifts for Your Inner Hippie
5 months ago
As of right now, my husband and I are working towards getting the legal paperwork to be officially married in the eyes of the law. We are also working towards having a major celebration that will cele...
How to Host a Childfree Wedding
6 months ago
I'm a little bit strange when it comes to my beliefs about weddings. I believe that a wedding should be as much of an expression of your identity as a couple as it is a celebration. I also believe tha...
15 Signs You're a Bridezilla
7 months ago
"I've fucking HAD IT WITH YOU! You're an awful friend and don't support me at all!" My friend Hennessy's voice rang out through the apartment corridor, and she reached a screeching pitch that I didn't...
10 Signs Your Boyfriend Will Propose
9 months ago
Wedding season has come and gone, and you’re still with your beau. He hasn’t proposed, and you’re starting to get nervous. Does he just not want to be with you? Couldn’t he say something already? Are ...
How to Avoid Family Drama on Your Wedding Day
10 months ago
It’s the day you’ve always dreamed of. You are dolled up in a white wedding gown, and your partner is there, dapper as can be. It’s a picture-perfect event that you knew would be amazing. Nothing coul...
What to Do If Your Groom Isn't Interested in Planning the Wedding with You
10 months ago
Weddings are incredibly intricate events that involve planning out every little detail to perfection. It's a time-consuming, detail-oriented, and emotionally taxing ordeal—and that's actually why many...