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8 Signs that You Should Choose Another Wedding Venue

Choosing the Wedding Venue

The choice of venue for the wedding celebration is the foundation of wedding preparation. Therefore, before you sign an agreement with the platform, read this article!

1. Too Complicated Contract

Of course, all aspects of your cooperation should be specified in the contract with the site—so do not be afraid if the contract is printed on three to four sheets. But there is a big difference between “long” and “difficult.” If some points are formulated incomprehensibly and vaguely, while others are completely double-digit, this is an alarm bell: Perhaps they are deliberately trying to confuse you.

By signing the contract, you must clearly understand how much and for what you pay. If there is no such clarity, think again about this issue and discuss it with the groom.

2. Many Additional Costs

As a rule, the amount of rent that couples hear when they first communicate with the site manager is different from the amount they will have to pay in the end. Most likely, you will need to pay extra if there are more guests than originally expected, or the wedding will end a little later. But if parking or even access to the toilet is also paid, it is worth thinking about the fairness of the site.

3. The style of the site does not fit the concept of celebration.

Quite a common situation. You just fell in love with a stylish loft with brick walls, but the color palette of your wedding does not mean dark colors? It will be much easier (and cheaper) to find a restaurant in a suitable range, rather than trying to remake a dark loft under a classic light palette.

Remember, the playground should complement the concept of the wedding—so you will save time and money on its decor, and in the end you will get a really harmonious picture.

4. Unreliable Staff

Did you come to the site with the groom to sign a contract, and the manager has been delayed for several hours? Or did you send him three emails, and he hasn’t been responding for a week now? This behavior characterizes him as not with the best hand. And during the preparation, you most likely will have to be nervous when he ignores an important call or “forgets” about the appointment.

5. Negative Reviews

Before making a final decision on the choice of a site, be sure to read what they write about it on the Internet and what previous users has to say. Numerous negative reviews should alert you—this indicates that the site is not working to improve the quality of services. Remember that unscrupulous tenants can remove negative reviews from their site, so look for information in brides forums or on social networks if the site is on the internet.

6. Lack of Experience in Weddings

Not every restaurant or hotel is suitable for weddings, even if there are regular conferences or holidays. The wedding has its own specifics, for example, in the summer you will probably need an open area on the street for a dance floor or for active competitions. And if you want to arrange a ceremony and a banquet in one place, make sure that everything you need is on the chosen site.

But do not be afraid of non-standard sites, if you want to create a truly unforgettable holiday: You can organize a celebration with an experienced wedding team anywhere!

7. Your contractors did not work there.

Most wedding contractors have their favorite places that they know to and will be happy to recommend to the bride. Therefore, before choosing a site, discuss it with your wedding team—they will tell you all its pros and cons. The decorator will tell you where the photo zone will be most beneficial, and the photographer probably knows where and when will be the best light for shooting.

Of course, even experienced professionals need to discover new places for themselves, but if you have a choice between the platform on which the wedding team has already worked and the one that is completely unknown to them, choose the first one!

8. You feel like “something is wrong?"

Do not ignore your inner voice, if he suggests that, despite all its advantages, the site does not suit you. Even if you just feel uncomfortable there, but you cannot explain why. Trust your intuition and when you find “your” platform, you will feel it right away!

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8 Signs that You Should Choose Another Wedding Venue
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