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19 Beautiful Wedding Dresses You Can Buy on Amazon

You can cross off at least one item on that wedding to-do list without even getting off the couch, with these gorgeous wedding dresses you can buy on Amazon.

You shouldn't let your budget or busy schedule get in the way of your dream wedding—and you don't have to. From figuring out how to change your last name after your wedding to determining the best beach honeymoon destinations, planning a wedding can take a lot of blood, sweat and tears.

Believe it or not, there are many high-quality wedding dresses you can buy on Amazon, saving you a whole lot of time and money. So put on your favorite pair of sweatpants and find your stress-free, budget-friendly dream dress from the comfort of your couch.

Double V-Neck Sleeveless Lace Wedding Dress by ABaowedding

This sleeveless, floor-length gown has all the style of a classic wedding dress, with a price tag you can't pass up. You can even get this affordable dress with your Amazon Prime account, getting you that life-saving two day shipping—so don't worry if you've put off your dress-buying till the last minute.

And if you're worried about buying a dress online, ABaowedding can send your dress custom-fitted—all you have to do is send them the measurements.

Lace Wedding Dress by Fanciest

Every woman should get to feel like a princess on their wedding day. With a sparkly, eye-catching overlay and a long train, this lacey wedding dress will have you floating down the aisle.

Simple A-Line Sweetheart Wedding Dres by VikDressy

VikDressy will also send you a custom-made dress to perfectly fit you, at no extra cost—so you can skip the trip to the tailor, as well as the trip to the bridal shop. Your bank account and schedule will thank you for making the quick click to buy this beautiful dress.

Short Sleeve All-Over Sequin Gown by Adrianna Papell

For a simple, elegant wedding, Adrianna Papell's sequined gown is the perfect fit. These high quality dresses have the subtle, intricate beading to make you the star of the show, without being flashy. With a short but shapely train, this gown is the perfect amount of classic and classy.

Jewel Lace Applique Wedding Dress by Sunweddingdress

For a long-sleeved, vintage wedding look, you can get this beautiful hand-made dress. Sunweddingdress offers custom sizing, as well as the option to choose between white and ivory, so you can guarantee the most flattering look on your wedding day.

Bohemian Wedding Gown by Elleybuy

For you free spirits out there, this two-piece wedding gown is a unique alternative to the standard gown, drawing on classic styles to make a whole new look. The bohemian vibe is perfect for a relaxed beach wedding, while the delicate floral lace and buttoned back give it a more old-fashioned edge.

Lace Tulle Wedding Dress by Ikerenwedding

This flowing, A-line gown has a deep V-neck cut that makes a bold statement. It has the elegant cut to perfectly suit a church wedding, and the beautiful flow to suit a beach wedding. So whatever your plans, leave the dress worries behind you.

Elegant Lace Beach Wedding Dress by JAEDEN

You might think you won't find the same quality in wedding dresses you can buy online, but Jaeden's affordable beach wedding dress is another one that would prove you wrong. 

This dress has all the elegance and style you've dreamed about for your wedding. With delicate, high-quality lace and a classic train, it's perfect for any season and any venue—so perfect, you'll want to wear it again.

Lace V-Neck Wedding Dress by Kevins Bridal

With the plethora of wedding dresses that you can buy on Amazon today, you're allowed to picky about style. Your wedding should match your personality, and your dress should reflect that. This affordable, quality wedding dress from Kevins Bridal combines the class and beauty of the traditional with the sexiness and uniqueness of modernity. It features a bold sweep train, with layered chiffon for a look that stands out.

Women's Lace Chiffon Wedding Dress by ABaowedding

With the wide selection of wedding dresses you can buy on Amazon from ABaowedding, you can be sure to put your Amazon Prime membership to good use. This classic, flowy look is perfect for a relaxed beach wedding, and the price tag is perfect for a wedding on a budget.

This gown features a lace-up back, and chiffon skirt, and delicate lace overlaying a sweetheart neckline.

Elegant Beach Wedding Dress by Lovelybride

Let the wind blow—this dress is made for it. Available on Amazon Prime, this gown is ready to walk down the aisle two days after you click "buy" (also, prime free shipping!). 

The off-the-shoulder straps and loose chiffon make for a breezy, comfortable, striking look. Your friends and family won't believe that the wedding dress you can buy on Amazon could be so beautiful.

Vintage Cap Sleeve Wedding Dress by Ruolai

You don't have to wear someone's moldy old lace to get this classy, vintage look for your dream wedding. And although it's old-fashioned in its delicate lace and cap sleeves, it keeps things fresh with a sexy, but classy, plunging neckline. This gown also comes in a number of different shades, from purest white to rose to ivory, so you can get the perfect look for your perfect day.

Organza Ruffles Wedding Dress by APXPF

This classic sweetheart neckline and ruffled skirt make for a soft, sweet look perfect for a wedding at any venue. And for all of these wedding dresses you can buy on Amazon, there's no need to sacrifice perfect fit or style—APXPF, like many of these companies, is happy to take custom requests for both fit and style, so you can have your dream wedding without the hassle.

Princess Wedding Dress by SOLOVEDRESS

Planning a wedding on a budget doesn't mean your wedding needs to look budgeted. This bold gown from SOLOVEDRESS will let you feel like the Disney princess you always dreamed of being, without breaking the bank. And, with a well-structured fit and sturdy material, you're guaranteed quality that will last from the aisle to the dance floor, so you can be that princess all day long.

Chiffon V-Neck Wedding Dress by ABaowedding

ABaowedding strikes again—this affordable dress features a dropped back and simple cut, with just enough high-quality beading to make the shape pop and sparkle. The loose chiffon is guaranteed to float comfortably around you, whether walking down the aisle of a church or at the beach.

Sheer Vintage Short Lace Wedding Dress by ABaowedding

With all of the wedding dresses you can buy on Amazon, you can be sure to find the perfect style for your dream wedding. If you're looking for something a little different from the norm, this extremely elegant 50s-inspired gown might be just for you. Just a bit shorter than your usual wedding dress, this affordable alternative will give you a unique look, and let you show off your gorgeous wedding shoes.

Mermaid Wedding Dress by XSWPL

Many of us wanted to be mermaids when we were little. Many also wanted to be princesses. With this beautiful mermaid-cut dress, you can be both on your wedding day. Plus, that slender mermaid cut doesn't mean you have to sacrifice the classic train—this affordable, quality dress has it all.

Sexy Chiffon Wedding Dress by WANNISHA

It would be a huge mistake to think that wedding dresses you can buy on Amazon aren't going to be sexy. 

The classic lace and simple A-line cut of this dress are offset by a sexy side split, letting you show off just enough while keeping things classy, while the flowing skirt of this dress will give you the perfect breezy look for a beach wedding. 

Ladylike Applique Sleeveless Wedding Dress by Sexyher

Maybe you want to be a princess on your wedding day, but maybe you want to be a queen. With the elegance of the Ladylike Applique wedding dress from Sexyher, you'll be carrying yourself with a regal air. The long train of this dress adds to its classic style, while the beading and embroidery ensure that all eyes will be staying on you.

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19 Beautiful Wedding Dresses You Can Buy on Amazon
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