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11 Wedding Gifts for Same-Sex Couples

Finding wedding gifts for same-sex couples doesn't have to be hard anymore. These gifts will make the LGBTQ couple in your life glow with joy.

Seeing gay marriage get legalized may have been one of the most beautiful historic events we have ever seen. It's an event that proved that love is universal, and that helped bring gay rights to the forefront. 

These days, it's okay to be gay and still try to get married. It's a great thing! Over recent years, thousands of couples who have waited their entire lives finally got to say "I do."

Though most states have seen gay marriage legalized for years, the truth is that the wedding industry still has a lot of catching up to do. If your friend is in a same-sex couple and is ready to get married, it's time to start shopping.

Planning a same-sex wedding still remains pretty tough due to all the discrimination planners can face. Thankfully, finding wedding gifts for same-sex couples is a cinch these days. Here are some of the cutest offerings we've found.

Mrs. and Mrs. Gold Champagne Flutes by Smart Tart Design

One of the most classic wedding gifts out there is a set of champagne flutes for the happy couple, and if you're the traditional type, you'll be happy to know that many wedding gifts for same-sex couples will let you keep that tradition alive.

This set of two champagne flutes are elegant, happily point out that both parties are the same gender, and have a beautiful twisty stem. Elegant? Absolutely—and a must-have for any gay wedding.

Mr. and Mr. Apron Set by Plum Hill

What kind of guy doesn't like to flaunt his skills in the kitchen from time to time? If the two gents in your life love to do it up in the kitchen, you might as well help them serve up dinner in style.

This matching pair of men's aprons is one of the best wedding gifts for same-sex couples that adore spending time in the kitchen. "His & His" gifts never looked so dapper!

Same Sex Shadowbox by Paint & Paper Craft

Sometimes, artwork is the most heartfelt gift you can give a new couple. Most of us, though, aren't crafty enough to paint, sculpt, or glue together a present that people would want to keep up.

This personalized gift will have the couples' names, the tie color of your choice, and a beautiful origami representation of the two cutest guys you know. Each of these is handcrafted by artisans who care, so you can expect quality that will last a lifetime.

Personalized Heirloom Wedding Book by Uncommon Goods

Sometimes, the best wedding gifts for same-sex couples also tend to make great wedding gifts for hetero couples. A bound wedding journal, for example, is the perfect token of your appreciation for a couple of any orientation.

Since it's personalized with the couple's names and wedding date, it works for both straight and LGBTQ marriages beautifully. More importantly, it'll help them ensure they will keep those memories for days to come.

Melted Crayon Art Canvas by Fem by Design

It wouldn't be a gay wedding without a little pride in gifts, right? Well, if your favorite couple of boys love collecting pride gear, this wax painting will give a poignant reminder of the beauty that is finding the man of your dreams.

This canvas painting is one of the more colorful and Pride Day-ready items on this list. Even if you're not a fan of rainbows, it'll add a nice touch to your friends' wedding registry.

Faux Bois Personalized Mugs by Gina DeSantis

A classic way to show your love for that lucky person in your life is to carve their initials and yours into a tree. The superstition, of course, was that your love would stay alive as long as the tree did. But really—why hurt a tree when you can just "carve" your initials into mugs?

This pair of gender-neutral mugs are perfect wedding gifts for same-sex couples that love coffee, or just enjoy the outdoors. Can you get anything cuter than this?

Wifey and Wifey Couples Mug Set by Ellie Ellie

A wife who has a wife is probably a wife who has a happy life. Or, at least we're hoping that's true! If you want to gift the two happy ladies a gift that remains classy, urbane, and incredibly useful in daily life, check out this mug set.

Ellie Ellie offers up a duo of "wifey" mugs that will make you and the happy couple smile. Lesbian couples will love this gift—and your support of gay marriage!

Mr. Right Stemless Wine Glasses by Kris Gets Krafty

A little bit of gay pride, a dash of cheeky humor, and some awesomely fun wine enjoyment is what this duo of stemless wine glasses embody. This gift makes for an excellent anniversary gift or as a wedding gift for same-sex marriages.

For guys who have an adorably catty relationship, this pair of glasses will remain a family favorite for years to come. If they're fans of wine, you need to get them these trendy glasses.

Engraved Gay Wedding Coasters by Frederick Engraving

Stone coasters are timeless—and not just because they will literally last forever. These beautiful coasters are excellent for people who want to show off their wedding date, and also give a little gay pride flair in a stylish, classy way.

Made of real slate and crafted individually, these personalized coasters will be sure to be a perfect pick for your favorite gay couple.

Same-Sex Waffle Weave Bathrobes by Luxor Linens

If you've ever dealt with couples that love to luxuriate, you'll already understand why some of the best wedding gifts for same-sex couples tend to be matching bathrobes.

This duo of ultra-soft waffle weave bathrobes are a must-have for your favorite couple's honeymoon excursion. They'll feel like queens, and get to soak up all the goodness of having real Egyptian cotton touching their skin.

Personalized Cutting Board by Kim Strassner and Mike Pararas

Cutting boards are another traditional gift that can be offered up to couples of all kinds. Getting a personalized cutting board is one of the best wedding gifts for same-sex couples, simply because it's something they'll use—all while being totally them.

It's adorable, utilitarian, and a celebration of their love. In other words, it's perfect!

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11 Wedding Gifts for Same-Sex Couples
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