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10 Wedding Craft Kits You Can Buy

Want to have DIY wedding goods? Wedding craft kits will make it easy to do.

Ah, Pinterest—the magical part of the internet where every little breathtaking craft seems easy as pie to do, until you try it in real life. Let's face it, most Pinterest crafts are not actually that easy to do, and most wedding planners hate these things when you try them. Attempting them is not advisable, especially not for your wedding.

Though most of us aren't Pinterest-level crafty though, there are still ways to add that nice, homemade touch to your big day. Smart companies have made wedding craft kits that give you the chance to make homemade masterpieces that you can keep as mementos after the big day.

Before you walk down the aisle, roll up your sleeves and grab a kit. It's crafting time for the most romantic day of your life!

Wedding Invitation Kit by Uniqooo

Do you want to send out special, hand-stamped wedding invitations to your bridal party? If so, you're not alone. Plenty of wedding craft kits actually cater to people who want to have specially made invites.

This cute kit from Uniqooo gives you beautiful invites, some specialty wax stamps, and luxury envelopes to send them on their way.

Chalkboard Wedding Photo Booth Kit by Shindigz

If you've been inspired by Pinterest and love that adorable chalkboard aesthetic that other happy couples adore, then not only are you going to enjoy this, but your guests will love this creative DIY photo booth idea.

This craft kit can be assembled in minutes, and uses regular chalk to personalize your message. Get artsy with it, or recruit your bridesmaids to show their love. Either way, it's a fun craft that will be the talk of your wedding.

Kids Wedding Activity Set by Boxed Memories

Nothing is quite as difficult as getting kids to stay put during a wedding, especially if they are too young to understand what's going on. That's why Boxed Memories came up with one of the best problem-solving wedding craft kits we've ever seen.

This kit comes with cool pages to color for kids who are attending your wedding, plus a couple of fun goodies for them to take home. You can definitely say "I do" to that!

Metallic Wine Glass Pens by Vino Marker

Love the idea of giving your wedding party hand-painted wine glasses? If you're crafty and artsy enough to do it, then Vino Marker has a pen kit you need to check out.

These colorful metallic pens allow you to draw on anything that's glass. You can draw your own design on them, or let your guests get crafty on the big day. How you plan it out is all up to you.

Floral Bouquet Tools by Decora

Though most Pinterest wedding crafts aren't really doable, making your own bouquet is. It's simple, and really just requires you to wrap a bunch of flowers together, tying it all together with a bow. That's what makes wedding craft kits focused on bouquets so good—they're foolproof.

This kit will give you all the tools you need to create beautiful bouquets for you and your bridesmaids. All you need to add is the flowers of your choice!

Candle Making Kit by Nature's Blossom

If you're like many couples who enjoy the scent of a fresh candle at the altar, then you might want to think about something that's a little outside the box. Why not make your own, with your own signature scent?

The cool thing about using a candle making kit is that you can reuse it after your wedding. Once you have partied, you might just want to wind down with a nice little luxury candle of your own during your honeymoon.

The Wedding Planner & Organizer by Mindy Weiss

Generally speaking, planning your own wedding isn't very advisable. However, there are tons of couples who do it on their own with wonderful results, and it's possible that you could be one one of them.

If you're going to have a DIY wedding, then one of the best wedding craft kits you can buy is a wedding planning book you'll love. The Wedding Planner is a book that was made by a professional wedding planner, and it will definitely help you get the professional results you want.

Once you're done with the wedding, you get to keep the organizer as a special memento.

Wedding Scrapbook Kit by Momenta

In terms of wedding craft kits, nothing has become more ubiquitous, more classic, than a DIY wedding scrapbook kit. Scrapbooking is just an amazing way to share memories to your children and friends after the event has come and gone.

This massive kit comes with 126 stickers, messages, and vellum sheets. All you need is the right book to make it all come to life!

Wedding Basket Kit by Traditional Crafts

In the American Southwest, Native peoples use wedding baskets that are specially woven as part of their ceremonies. They are said to bring good luck to the couple, and also happen to look amazing.

For the couples who love adding a little anthropology into their wedding planning, this basket kit is a must. Each kit comes with the supplies needed for a wedding basket of your own, instructions, and an amazing history about Native American wedding baskets.

It's educational, beautiful, and pagan-approved!

I Do Centerpiece Kit by Big Dot of Happiness

Sometimes, the best wedding craft kits are the ones that take seconds to make. This is especially true if you are doing all your decor and have to hustle hard to reach every table.

This simple "fold and stand" centerpiece kit from Big Dot of Happiness is the perfect choice for brides who are on a tight budget and just want to decorate at a breakneck speed. Best of all? It's affordable, too!

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10 Wedding Craft Kits You Can Buy
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