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10 Signs Your Boyfriend Will Propose

Is he ready to pop the question? These signs suggest your boyfriend will propose sooner rather than later.

Wedding season has come and gone, and you’re still with your beau. He hasn’t proposed, and you’re starting to get nervous. Does he just not want to be with you? Couldn’t he say something already? Are you going to stay unmarried, just because he’s being a stubborn prat?!

Cool your jets. Chances are, if you’re at “marriage age” around your friends, your guy has been seriously considering marrying you. You want to play it cool if you feel like he’s been thinking of doing it, but at the same time, you also want to brace yourself.

Most guys who are getting ready to propose will start displaying certain signs. If you notice any of these classic signs your boyfriend will propose, it might be time to start looking at Pinterest wedding boards. 

You caught him rooting around your jewelry box.

Assuming that you aren’t one of the rare women who ends up dating a thief, a guy who’s caught rooting around a jewelry box is a guy who wants to know what ring size you are. Now, what other reason could he have for wanting a ring size unless he wanted to marry you?

On a similar note, asking ring sizes or just going ring shopping can be a big clue that you might be headed towards a marriage proposal. 

He’s brought up the concept of marriage.

Most people will not propose (or accept a proposal) without having a serious discussion about what their expectations are like in terms of marriage. This is doubly true if you’re getting married so that you can have kids.

If your partner has recently started talking about marriage, or asked when you would want to be married, chances are that a proposal is about to be in the works. It may still take a couple months to actually do it, but it's clear what his intentions are.  He has marriage on the brain.

You really can't ask for clearer signs he's going to propose to you—or at least, for a clearer sign that he's down to get married. By broaching this topic, it's clear he has already made up his mind and just figuring out the why's and how's. 

He's been acting jittery.

Guys who are planning to propose are not people who feel cool, calm, and collected. They are people who are sweating bullets. Though you already may know you want to marry him, he's probably not so sure.

In a guy's mind, he's got a million questions that are plaguing him. What if you say no? What if he can't muster up the guts to do so? What if, what if, what if...?

Proposing to a woman isn't easy, you know! Needless to say, one of the biggest signs he's going to propose is nervousness for no apparent reason. There isn't a guy on this planet who never gets nervous around women, especially when stakes are this high!

It feels like he's hiding something, but you can't figure out what it is.

When guys propose, it's an endeavor that takes a lot of planning—and may even require the help of others, too. This means there's a lot of tiptoeing involved, and if you feel like he's hiding something, it could be that he's prepping to propose. 

That being said, you should be aware that this is also one of the signs he's cheating on you. Make sure that there's not another woman involved before you jump to the proposal conclusion. 

He's gotten more frugal or has picked up a side job.

Wedding rings are pretty pricey, assuming that you're not going for a wedding tattoo or a silicone wedding ring. A typical wedding ring can easily cost thousands of dollars, and frankly, that's not within budget for most of us.

For guys who want to wow their brides-to-be with a dream wedding ring, this may mean that he'll suddenly become more frugal—or he may end up picking up a side job to improve your income. That money he's saving up is going to be spent for an engagement ring. 

He's decided that it's time to go on a solo vacation with you.

A common way to propose is on a romantic trip abroad, because let's face it, it's about as classy as it gets. If your boyfriend has been talking about taking a trip to a traditionally romantic place like Paris, London, or the Caribbean, then you have to keep your guard up. 

While this isn't always one of the more reliable signs your boyfriend will propose, it's fairly telling about your position with him. Guys don't take girls they don't care about on vacation. 

Your friends have been hinting to cool down when your boyfriend upsets you.

He's been being so thrifty on dates, it's been aggravating. He seems constantly distracted. He won't really even tell you what's going on. Lately, your man has been behaving pretty awfully, and you've been strongly debating breaking up with him.

Your friends and family, though? They don't seem to think you should. In fact, they're acting like you should probably just mellow out. With some of them, this really isn't like them. Sound familiar?

They may be "in the know" about your man's intentions to pop the question. They're looking out for you!

He's been talking about your friends' rings.

I'll be very blunt with you. Guys who are interested in women very rarely will have opinions on jewelry unless they work as a jeweler or auctioneer. If your boyfriend suddenly takes an interest in your friends' wedding rings, chances are that he's shopping around. 

At the very least, it's showing that he's probably about to pick a ring. At most, he's already bought the ring and is hoping that you'll like it. 

All of a sudden, he's been spending more time with your family.

A guy who is ready to propose won't just try to woo the girl; he's going to try to woo her family as well. That's why many women notice their guys spending time with their family when they get close to marriage proposal time.

If you notice your guy suddenly getting very close with family members, it could be that he's looking to marry into the family. It's a good idea to take this as a clue that he might want to drop down to one knee. 

Though he's normally totally oblivious to your style, he's been asking questions about fashion lately.

Guys typically don't put in half the effort girls do when it comes to clothing, and might not even know the terms for the type of clothes you wear. (Peplum? What's that?!) 

Unfortunately for men, part of proposing is figuring out which ring you would be happy to wear. This means figuring out what style ring you would want to wear.  

Being able to figure out your style isn't easy, which is why one of the signs your boyfriend will propose is asking about your personal style. 

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10 Signs Your Boyfriend Will Propose
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