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10 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Going to Propose... Soon

Keep your eyes peeled for these major signs your boyfriend is going to propose.

It is funny to note that a lot of men begin to act noticeably odd about the same time they begin to make plans for proposing to their sweethearts. In fact, it is such a common phenomenon that there are some distinct signs your boyfriend is going to propose that you may want to know about. Why? Because it will prevent you from thinking the worst of him, or develop fears that he's somehow losing interest in you.

Let's take a look at some of the most common of these signs that he might be ready to pop the question and explain why his behavior may have changed!

He becomes a bit over-interested in your jewelry box.

One of the most common signs your boyfriend is going to propose is if he tries, not too subtly, to get his hands on one or more of your favorite rings. Obviously, he's trying to get an idea of style and size. It might be a good idea to help him out by leaving the jewelry box open and disheveled, enabling him to easily go in and get what he needs. 

He wants to have contact information for certain friends and family.

Another of the more obvious signs your boyfriend is going to propose is when he suddenly wants to be able to get in touch with your best female friends, your family, and others. Clearly, he may be plotting a surprise marriage proposal, or he could be asking for advice on how to propose. Either way, you can facilitate by handing over the details without too many questions.

He specifically focuses on your father or father figure.

Is your boyfriend a bit old fashioned or traditional? If so, one of the leading signs your boyfriend is going to propose is if he develops a keen interest in some alone time with your father or father figure. After all, he is likely going to let him know, or even "ask for your hand" before he pops the big question.

He suddenly becomes frugal.

If your boyfriend has never given much thought to saving or spending in the past, and yet he suddenly starts clipping coupons, looking for bargains, and talking about more budget-friendly date night ideas, it is among the more common signs your boyfriend is going to propose. Most people do not suddenly worry about funding unless they have had or are planning an expense, and just one visit to a jewelry store may have let him know that he needs to set aside some cash or make room in the budget for a ring.

You find him in the jewelry aisle.

While you're out and about shopping and at the mall, you might find him wandering through the jewelry section and gazing in some jewelry shop windows trying to gauge your interest in rings or styles. 

He has an intense amount of interest in your schedule.

Another of the major signs your boyfriend is going to propose is when he suddenly needs to know your schedule days ahead of time. "So, what's your week look like?" is not a typical question for a couple that has been together for a while. Even those who have been involved for just a few months' time begin to develop a routine and know one another's usual plans. If he suddenly starts to seem to have new plans or get you to change up your routine, such as moving a usual date night to an entirely different day of the week, it is probably an indicator he's planning to propose.

He becomes very guarded about his phone.

Unfortunately, this is one of those signs your boyfriend is going to propose that can be misinterpreted as a sign that he's up to no good. The person who is usually cavalier about things like phones and texts or emails who then suddenly wants no one but themselves to see what arrives may be sending a bad message. However, if you pay attention, you'll see obvious signs your partner is not having a lot of fun when covert messages arrive. He probably looks super nervous, responds with intensity in his expression or leaves the room looking very serious. It's because he's plotting something big (big expense, big moment, big event, and so on) and not having a casual exchange with someone else.

He's planning a special vacation.

He will definitely want to make sure that his proposal is special and he may want to pop the question at a special destination — maybe one of the best vacation destinations for a particularly romantic getaway. If romantic beaches and exotic getaways are on his mind, it might be a sign. 

He's suddenly a very emotional person.

Interestingly enough, one of the signs your boyfriend is going to propose (actually, one of the biggest signs) is that the poor man becomes an emotional wreck. It can start small, like his getting choked up over a TV commercial. Then, you might catch him staring at you with a faraway look and gentle grin on his face. If caught, he'll snap out of it and say he was just thinking, but clearly, he's besotted with you! After that, he might be a bit more mercurial, becoming a bit snappy or overly nervous. In fact, we might call that the "final phase..."

The Final Phase Sign Your Boyfriend Is Going to Propose... Like, Right Now!

If you have noticed some of these common signs your boyfriend is going to propose, and they lead up to an unexpected night out or an activity (hiking, going to the beach, taking a flight, or something less usual in your routine), it's likely he's about to present you with an engagement ring. Even if he's just acting strange and you're not sure why, there are a few "tell-tale" signs that indicate he's about to put a ring on it.

For one thing, he'll probably keep checking one particular pocket or fiddling with something in one of his pockets. He'll be sweating or a bit distracted, he might mumble or keep checking the time. There are many ways to read his behavior and see that all of those signs finally add up. You might have figured it out in advance, or you might have a sudden "aha!" moment as he's about to take a knee, but either way, he's been working up to this for a while. Getting married is a long-term decision that takes a lot of serious consideration, and though a proposal is just a part of it, the action itself can take a lot of courage; and now, you can spot the signs it's about to happen!

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10 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Going to Propose... Soon
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