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10 Romantic Things to Take on Your Honeymoon

You already know the most important "nuts and bolts" things to take on your honeymoon, but what about the romantic stuff you can bring?

Ah, your honeymoon. It's the trip of a lifetime, filled with joy and romance. It's a moment where you and your new spouse get to escape life for a while and just enjoy each other as thoroughly as possible. 

You could be going to Aruba, or you could be going to Reykjavik, but no matter where you go, you want to have that romance alive. You want to make sure that your partner and you get to savor every little moment of your trip.

Packing correctly is the best way to ensure you get the most out of your honeymoon time. You might already remember that you should bring robes, your credit cards, your passport, and visas among your things to take on your honeymoon, but don't forget these romantic goodies that can add to the mood.

Red Poppy and Hemp Bubble Bath by Kneipp

You might remember to bring your toothbrush, toiletries, and deodorant, but what about a more romantic part of keeping yourselves clean? Chances are that you're going to have a bathtub—and maybe even a jacuzzi. 

This would be a good opportunity to kick up the romance together! A classic way to unwind during your honeymoon is to take a bubble bath together. This Red Poppy Bubble Bath by Kneipp is a great choice that's affordable, but still decadent.

Desire Card Deck by Uncommon Goods

It's no secret that coming up with romantic things to do on a honeymoon isn't really that easy, especially if your partner has higher expectations than most. The Desire Card Deck is one of the best things to take on your honeymoon if you want to add an element of surprise without having to deal with brainstorming. 

Pull some cards, come up with a sexy adventure, and let the memories unfold. This cool gift will allow you to make the most of your honeymoon time—as well as your alone time at home.

Alexa Zoe Red Lace Corset by Frederick's of Hollywood

What would a honeymoon be without a little new lingerie? 

If you were one of the two percent of all couples who wait until marriage to get laid, then lingerie might be one of the most important things to take on your honeymoon. Even if you've fooled around before, presenting your partner with a little something sexy definitely will be a welcome thing. 

This red lace corset is incredibly flattering and surprisingly durable. You know, it's like what Victoria's Secret used to be before it went all "PINK."

Marital Bliss: The Game by Uncommon Goods

When you have downtime on your honeymoon, it's easy to get a little bored. You might not feel like going out to tour Paris, or you just might want to enjoy the peace and quiet of your hotel room. 

This cute game, Marital Bliss, is designed to help you liven up time together when you are bored. It can be brought anywhere you go, and can be played just about anywhere too.

Edible Massage Oil from Maple Holistics

When you go through airport security and they check your toiletries, give them something to raise their eyebrows at.

Is there anything as romantic as just rubbing one another down, exploring each other's bodies, and just maybe even kissing down your lover's body? Most might have a hard time finding anything that comes close, which is why massage oils are one of the most common things to take on your honeymoon. 

Not every massage oil is worth the splurge. Most massage oils taste foul, so kissing will be a bit harder to do. Flavored massage oils, like the ones from Maple Naturals, are a way better option.

Instax Mini 9 Film Camera by Fujifilm

Not all romance has to deal with the bedroom, you know! Sometimes, one of the most romantic things to take on a honeymoon vacation also happens to be one of the most family-friendly things. I'm talking, of course, about cameras.

This film camera allows you to get the photos developed instantly and also prints them on cute, little stickers. Have a photoshoot in front of your honeymoon location, take those embarrassing selfies, or just take some naughty pictures. No matter what you do, it'll be a great way to spend time together.

Our Honeymoon Journal by Interactive Journals

Yes, it's true. Journaling can be a romantic activity. This cool journal is designed to be used by both the bride and groom before, during, and shortly after their honeymoon. 

Each partner writes down cool things that happened, doodles fun things, and also just creates memories as they occur. Once your honeymoon has come and gone, this journal will remain as an amazing keepsake. 

After all, keepsakes are important. They can help you have a stress-free first year of marriage; when things get tough, little reminders like these stir up happy memories.

A Cozy 3-Piece Pajama Set by Macy's

As sexy as we all want to be throughout our honeymoons, let's be a bit realistic here. No one is going to be able to look like they're in a lingerie photoshoot 24/7. Sometimes, you just want to don some pajamas and snuggle up to your spouse.

This cozy knit pajama set does the job well. Enough said. As you're researching and working toward getting the best deal on your honeymoon, grab this good deal on these comfortable pajamas.

Peony Blush Travel Candle by Jo Malone

There's a reason why people always talk about candlelight in romantic songs, and why it's such a commonly mentioned thing. The warm glow they offer, the way they flicker playfully, the warmth...

Yeah, you need to try to get some candlelight in your lives. You might as well have it be a scented candle that will help you go back to your honeymoon days when you're older. Jo Malone's travel candles small ah-mazing and are designed to be travel ready.

Do Not Disturb Door Hanger by Lillian Rose

Okay, okay, this isn't one of the more mandatory things to take on your honeymoon, but isn't it cute? This satin "Do Not Disturb" sign is perfect for the married couple that wants everyone else to know that they are newlyweds on a love bender in the hotel room. 

Admit it. It's a cute honeymoon gift, as well as a pretty adorable keepsake. 

Your honeymoon should be a magically romantic trip. If you're still in the planning phases of your honeymoon, check out the best honeymoon locations ever and start packing.

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