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10 Non-Traditional Wedding Gifts for Your Inner Hippie

When hippies get married, a gift of personalized glasses might not work out well. That's why non-traditional wedding gifts are excellent for alternative lifestyles from all walks of life.

As of right now, my husband and I are working towards getting the legal paperwork to be officially married in the eyes of the law. We are also working towards having a major celebration that will celebrate our union, as well as our time in the rave scene.

If you couldn't guess, we're total hippies. Our ceremony is going to be at a major music festival, and we've already gotten a lot of our planning under way. We're wearing our best rave outfits, trading kandi bracelets, and also doing our ceremony in the forest where we met.

Our friends don't necessarily have the money to get us fancy gifts, nor would we want traditional wedding gifts like cutting boards or champagne flutes. If you have a bride and groom that are anything like us, you probably know that finding non-traditional wedding gifts can be pretty hard.

Speaking as a hippie who's tired of seeing bad registry ideas, here are some better picks, in my opinion.

10 Piece Classic Nonstick Cookware Set by Calphalon

Everyone is always fussing over getting luxury gifts for the bride and groom, but what about the things that the happy couple might need after the big day? If they are just moving in together, you might want to choose utilitarian items like pots and pans.

This set of 10 nonstick pots and pans will be a breeze to clean, easy for beginner cooks to handle, and may be a welcome addition to any kitchen arsenal.

Jimmy Kitchen Bar Cart by Winsome Trading

As far as non-traditional wedding gifts go, a bar cart is one of those things that tends to be a great pick for just about everyone. You don't have to be a hippie to love a good drink, or want somewhere to put your entertainment supplies.

This gorgeous wheelie bar cart will look elegant in any home, and will absolutely put a smile on the happy couples' faces. It's the kind of furniture that will last, and anyone will always be able to find a good use for it.

Desktop Humidor by Quality Importers

I'm going to point out that a lot of the non-traditional wedding gifts I'll suggest tend to be skewed towards the "hippie" demographic—and reasonably so. The younger you are, the more likely it is that you have a liberal lean.

With cannabis slowly getting legalized in many states, many people who enjoy a nice toke after work are going to want to legitimize their hobby. This humidor works well for both cigars and cannabis. Its cedar interior and built-in hygrometer will make sure your goods don't dry out.

For couples that love to smoke together, it'll be a very welcome gift.

The Getaway Intimate Gift Set by Kama Sutra

We all know what happens during the honeymoon, right? Even among non-traditional couples, getting married means that you will have a little bit of nookie time somewhere nice.

Why not give them a nice honeymooning gift that'll help them explore each other's bodies? It's a sex-positive way to help your friends enjoy a nice holiday. Kama Sutra products are high quality and smell amazing, so you can bet the hippie couple in your life will adore 'em.

Organic Blanket by Bibb Home

Sleeping together means that you'll end up playing a little tug-o-war for blankets in many situations. That's why I'm convinced that one of the best non-traditional wedding gifts you can give is a blanket. I mean, who doesn't need blankets?

This blanket isn't just super snuggly-soft; it's one of the few blankets you'll see that's made with organic cotton and upscale manufacturing standards. By choosing this blanket, you're helping keep the world a better place for us all while also offering your up a gift for couples who can find a nice way to snuggle up.

Large Smudge Kit by Chakra Palace

If you haven't noticed, people are starting to become very strong believers in clearing out bad vibes and offering up good ones. The way people are doing this is via a process called smudging, and it's absolutely great.

This smudging kit will use the energy-clearing goodness from sage and Palo Santo to make your home smell amazing and feel wonderful. If you have a spiritual couple as your bride and groom, this will be a perfect housewarming gift.

Tropical Mango Candle by Bobo Candle

Among my friends, there's a belief that a celebration should also help those who are unaffected by good news find a reason to be happy. That's why some of the best non-traditional wedding gifts you can give are ones that give back to the world.

If you don't want to give a large donation to a non-profit they care about, you can still partake in the tradition by getting them a gift that helps support good deeds. Bobo Candle, for example, makes odor-neutralizing candles that also help support pet charities like the ASPCA.

Love Is Art Paint & Canvas Kit by Liberator

Modern art fans might find this idea to be a bit interesting, if not downright wild. This is a specialty art kit that can be used to memorialize a couple's romp during their honeymoon, and is one of the more unique wedding gifts for couples who have everything.

The concept is simple; they cover themselves in paint and then have a little fun on the canvas. The canvas dries and turns into abstract art. No one would ever know!

Premium Wine Kit by Wild Grapes

Let's be real: We all want to eat, drink, and be merry after the honeymoon has ended, too! Sometimes, it's just a better idea to have a gift that'll make it easier (or cheaper) to DIY some party supplies.

This kit will let the happy couple party on by making their own California Cabernet Sauvignon. It comes with all the grapes, instructions, and items you need. Cheers to that!

Wedding Wish Jar by Top Shelf

The fact that this is still considered to be a member of the non-traditional wedding gifts category baffles me. This wish jar is a gift everyone pitches in for together, and serves as a fantastic last minute gift idea in a pinch. I mean, this is pretty much a perfect keepsake, right?

Every person writes their well-wishes on a slip of paper, and crams it in the jar. The bride and groom get to enjoy the wonderful messages whenever they want, post wedding.

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10 Non-Traditional Wedding Gifts for Your Inner Hippie
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