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10 Facts About the Wedding Industry That’ll Blow Your Mind

Is it all sunshine and fairy tales? Not quite. These facts about the wedding industry will make you think twice about going the traditional wedding route.

Weddings are wonderful parties that allow you to see friends and family, celebrate love, and maybe just indulge in a little bit of cake too. They also happen to be absolutely massive productions that involve dozens of people working tirelessly in order for things to go off without a hitch.

Unsurprisingly, an entire industry has cropped up to help weddings be as magical as possible. What most people don’t realize, though, is how insane this industry can get and how it tends to prey on couples.

So, how wild is the wedding industry, anyway? Here are some facts that may clue you in to the truth behind the veil.

The wedding industry is one of the very few industries that’s become famous for starting tradition.

Have you ever wondered where the tradition of a diamond ring came from, or why it’s customary to spend a month’s salary on a ring? It’s actually from the DeBeers diamond company. They came up with the idea of the “new tradition” and mentioned it in their advertising materials throughout the 1930s.

The ads worked, and women started to clamor for a diamond ring. Eventually, the tradition caught on and diamonds became the de-facto trend that showed a man loved a woman. These days, many wedding companies are trying to start their own traditions—and inflate prices as a result.

The prices are bloated, and it’s a $72 billion per year industry.

Most brides who first saw wedding prices had to pick their jaws up from the ground. Cheap weddings just don’t ever seem to happen—and that’s actually due to the way that the wedding industry acts.

A traditional American wedding now costs an average of $33,000 to make, and if you live in a place like New York City, that cost balloons to upwards of $35,000. Demand does that to prices!

A lot of wedding industry professionals try to egg on bridezillas.

This sales tactic is pretty awful, but it’s also pretty common. Much like how toy companies will typically cater to kids and urge them to throw a tantrum so mom will buy them a toy, a lot of bridal magazines and companies will egg on bridezillas to tantrum so they’ll get the right bouquet bought.

If it seems like a lot of advertisements mention that it’s “your special day,” and focus on a “me, me, me” vibe, that’s why. It's done on purpose, to encourage selfishness.

The “wedding tax” is very real.

A lot of people who have been planning their weddings probably noticed that just the mere mention of a wedding is enough to make prices shoot up a dollar or two. If you have been feeling like the prices seem abnormally high while shopping around for your wedding supplies, it’s not just you.

The wedding industry is pretty famous for jacking up prices on things that really shouldn’t cost much at all. This is how you end up with $40 ring bearer pillows that were assembled in China for three cents apiece.

The best way to avoid the wedding tax is to avoid the “w-word” as much as possible when booking venues and professionals. The more you talk weddings, the more likely it is that you will end up paying an arm and a leg.

Believe it or not, being a part of wedding event work tends to take an emotional toll on people.

Imagine having to deal with all the wedding drama you see on TV on a regular basis. Imagine having to cope with bridezillas, groomzillas, and the occasional mother in-law from hell. Then, imagine having to do this six times a day, with different couples, all of whom will be walking down the aisle.

Whisper confessions from wedding planners, particularly single ones, have claimed this to be very emotionally taxing. We can only imagine how hard the wedding planning life is.

Bridal boutiques are dying out, and rapidly!

Do you remember visiting your bridal boutique to pick out a dress? Did you remember having your friends cheer you on? Well, there's a lot of wedding industry disruptors that are making that a thing of the past—along with the sky-high price tags associated with them.

Online shopping, bridesmaid dress rental sites, and similar Silicon Valley-backed startups are killing the traditional wedding dress industry. This is actually the reason that one of the largest bridal companies in America, Alfred Angelo's, suddenly collapsed.

A lot of wedding sectors are beginning to panic as couples continue to become more interested in non-traditional weddings.

Along with bridal boutiques, tux rental companies, florists, caterers, and, yes, wedding venues, all are starting to feel the pinch that comes with married couples choosing to tie the knot in non-traditional ways or choosing a DIY wedding.

As Silicon Valley and startups continue to hammer the concept of non-traditional weddings being solid options, more couples are beginning to choose them as a way to avoid the high prices, high pressure, and high drama that traditional weddings come with.

Wedding tattoos, anyone?

Some wedding industry categories are also pretty cruel towards animals.

You may have heard of horse-drawn carriages, and, surprisingly, we're not talking about those businesses here. Rather, the new-ish tradition of releasing doves or butterflies as part of a wedding ceremony is what is really cause for concern.

At first, this sounds like a beautiful ceremony idea. However, doves and butterflies aren't always native to the areas that they're being released to. In overly cold areas, this could lead to the animals being released freezing to death. In warmer regions, this could lead to them overheating.

It's not as romantic when you realize that the animals that you're setting free have a death sentence, is it?

There's now a lending industry that caters towards the wedding world.

The price of a wedding now rivals the price of a brand new car from the dealership or the down payment on a new house. That's a lot of money, and most Americans don't have enough money to afford that.

In fact, over 70 percent of all couples have decided to borrow money for their wedding. Of the people who want to get married, 21 percent are looking into financing as a way to make it happen. As of right now, five different banks and independent lenders offer wedding loans.

Oh, and there's also a wedding insurance industry because of the atrociously high price of throwing an event, too.

With the average wedding easily exceeding $25,000, it's easy to see why people would want to have wedding insurance. There's actually event insurance that handles mishaps, cancellations, and postponements.

It makes you wonder where the wedding industry is headed, doesn't it?

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Sasha Konikovo
Sasha Konikovo

Born in the Ukraine and currently a citizen of New York City, Sasha Konikovo has become obsessed with makeup, fashion, and anything that keeps her svelte figure looking sharp. She hopes to marry a billionaire and have a lifestyle like Paris Hilton soon enough.

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10 Facts About the Wedding Industry That’ll Blow Your Mind
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