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10 Cute Wedding Cake Toppers You'll Want to Buy

So you need to get a cake and get a nice decoration for it? These wedding cake toppers will definitely add a personal touch to your big day.

When you're planning your wedding, you want every little detail to be magical. This applies to everything involved in your big day—from the guest list to the bridal dress... all the way to the wedding cake.

Every wedding cake is special and will have its own unique flair. The icing, the flavor, as well as the number of tiers it has will always vary. Though the choices you'll make as far as the cake goes matter, nothing quite makes it yours like the right cake topper. Make the wedding plans you'll love from (cake) top to bottom because let's face it...

Finding cute wedding cake toppers is easy, but finding the one that has personality isn't. (Wow. What a metaphor for my past relationships.) Anyways, if you're feeling lost about the cake you're getting, give these cute choices a try!

The Coastal Cake Topper by Lillian Rose

Lillian Rose is one of the bigger names when it comes to cake toppers, especially when it comes to upscale toppers with a unique twist. This oceanic topper shows two starfish in a beautiful set of shells—obviously, symbolizing the carefree life the happy couple has together.

If you're looking for wedding cake toppers that are unique and avoid commonly selfish cliches, this is a great pick. I'd definitely suggest this if you are going to have a beach ceremony!

Motorcycle Couple Cake Topper by WeddingStar

Are you an avid Harley fan? Does your ideal honeymoon involve biking across the country or hitting up Sturgis? If so, you might love WeddingStar's adorable cake topper.

This beautiful topper shows a bride and groom riding off into a new future together on a motorcycle. Its highly detailed crafting will match perfectly with an upscale cake—all while keeping that "Born to Be Wild" side of you alive.

Tropical Wedding Cake Bunting by Party City

Looking to add a little more luau to your destination wedding? Then you might like cute wedding toppers that are all about island flair. This cute topper uses pennant flags to signal the fact that a couple's about to get married.

It's simple, it's affordable, and yet, it's undeniably quirky. It also works well for LGBTQ weddings because of its gender-neutral look, simply switching out the letters. Very few wedding cake toppers can say that's true in all three cases.

Photo Heart Cake Topper by Le Prise

A lot of couples want to have their celebration be all about them, and they have every right to feel that way. Couples who want to have a more personalized topper need to check out this special offering from Le Prise.

This acrylic cake topper allows you to use your favorite photo together as the cake's focal point. All you need to do is slide your favorite pic into the topper, and place it on top of your cake.

Personally, I would suggest this for an LGBTQ wedding because it shows a photo of the couple—no matter what gender the two may be. It's a great way to navigate the often quite difficult parts of gay wedding planning.

Mr. and Mrs. Wedding Cake Topper by Party City

Sometimes, the best wedding cake toppers are still the most traditional. If you're a traditional couple, then looking for something simple and tasteful is ideal. This gold cursive cake topper is a perfect choice.

If you're not looking for a traditional resin "bride and groom" topper, gold lettering is a good alternative. This one will add class and panache to any wedding—and it is perfect if you're looking to plan a wedding on a budget.

Western Lasso Cake Topper by WeddingStar

When you are getting married, you don't have to worry about your achy, breaky heart for too much longer. Couples that have a little country flair to them might want to check out wedding cake toppers that reflect their love of southern twang.

Well, this humorous topper shows a cowboy couple in a more unusual pose. In it, the bride dragged the groom to the altar. You could say that he was a little "roped in!"

Mature Wedding Cake Topper by WeddingStar

We don't all get married young. Some of us don't meet the right match until our 40s, 50s, or even later in life. Older couples often have a hard time trying to find cute wedding cake toppers that reflect them, but WeddingStar is looking to change that.

This adorable cake topper shows two older figurines, very much in love. They're not young in body, but young in heart. What's not to love?

Still Shopping Wedding Cake Topper by WeddingStar

If there's one thing that wedding planning involves a lot of, it's shopping. You gotta shop for wedding apparel, venues, invites, and more. At times, you might even feel like you're stuck in a black hole of big day shopping.

This topper gets it—a little too well, actually. It's humorous, telling, and perfect for a shopaholic wife.

Bride and Groom Music Box Cake Topper by Precious Moments

Precious Moments is one of the most famous collectible companies in the world. Their doe-eyed children statuettes have become a favorite addition of sentimental keepsake collectors everywhere.

Fans of the brand will be happy to know you can get a music box wedding cake topper featuring a dancing bride and groom. This topper is so beautiful, you'll want to keep it in your cabinet once the wedding is over.

Rustic Wreath Wood Wedding Topper by Party City

Do you want to have a rustic wedding? You better start looking at Pinterest-worthy wedding cake toppers to match that theme! This gorgeous wreath-shaped topper isn't made of card stock, but rather, it is real wood!

As far as cake decorations go, it's a classy yet flamboyant way to make your big day stand out. Expect compliments with this atop of the cake!

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10 Cute Wedding Cake Toppers You'll Want to Buy
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