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10 Best Wedding Hairstyles of 2018

Saying "I Do" to the perfect wedding hairstyle is almost as important as picking the perfect partner! Here are the best wedding hairstyles of 2018.

Getting married is one of the most exciting times of any woman’s life. Planning the ceremony is half the fun, including finding the perfect venue, picking out the flower arrangements, making the guest list, creating the food menu, and saving the date. The bride’s favorite part, of course, is picking out the perfect dress and saying yes! Along with the dress comes jewelry, make up, and finally, the perfect wedding hairstyle. The best wedding hairstyles vary each year and include beautifully braided designs, loose waves, hair accessories, and more. If you’re still deciding on the best way to wear your hair for your wedding this year, check out this list for the best wedding hairstyles of 2018. Looking beautiful on your big day is a must. 

Low Bun with Texture

One of the most popular wedding hairstyles in 2018 and years past is the low bun. Adding texture to the low bun with braids and loose waves allows this wedding hairstyle to be a mixture of both fun and elegance. The low bun with texture can be done in many ways. Sometimes, the hair is curled first to add volume to the bun. Other techniques include teasing the hair to give it a more tousled look. Adding texture to the bun as opposed to slicking it back is a great alternative for outdoor weddings or for brides that want a more casual feel. 

Waves with Accessories

Some brides prefer their wedding hairstyle to be loose and flowing. If you don't want to wear your hair in the classic updo, loose waves may be a great alternative. To make loose waves look more romantic and fun, a popular wedding hairstyle for 2018 involves adding hair accessories. Depending on the style of your wedding, you can add jewels or flowers in your waves to make your wedding hair really pop. Whether you add accessories throughout the hair or at the top of the hair like a headband, the hint of bling within your loose waves will capture your audience as you walk down the aisle in elegance.

Chic High Ponytail

Choosing a high ponytail for your wedding hairstyle is a bold choice for only the most confident brides. This wedding hairstyle in 2018 is usually used in chic weddings with extravagance and beauty. The hairstyle is bold, because it pulls back the hair and shows off the entire face and neckline. The high ponytail makes a statement, and it is a popular wedding hairstyle for brides with long hair and lush locks. Don’t be afraid to rock this updo. If you can wear it with confidence, it will be a one of a kind addition to your bridal look.

Unique Braids

Unique braids are a wedding hairstyle category that covers a variety of different styles in one. Hairstylists are creative these days with the different braids they can put into the hair, whether it be an updo, a low ponytail, or something in between. We see brides taking full advantage of their hairstylist’s skills because wedding hairstyles in 2018 are filled with so many beautiful braided designs! The “Elsa” braid, inspired by Elsa from the Disney movie Frozen, is a favorite, for example. Also, the low updo bun alternative that is created with many braids is a beautiful and unique wedding hairstyle creation for brides with long hair that they want to pull back. However you choose to pin up your lush locks, you really can’t go wrong with braids on your wedding day. 

Flower Crowns

Being that unique flower arrangements are one of the top wedding trends of 2018, flower crowns are a wedding hairstyle that almost seem like a necessity for any gorgeous wedding that is outdoors these days. If you’re a gypsy bride with an outdoor wedding that includes a barn, lanterns, wildflowers, or any other natural aspect, the flower crown is the perfect wedding hairstyle to tie in your look to the outdoors around you. Flower crowns can include flowers from your bouquet or the flowers at your altar to really keep the theme uniform. However, you choose to bring this wedding hairstyle to life in your own way, the flower crown always ends up being beautiful and fun. 

Half Up-Half Down Braid

Choosing a half-up, half- down beautiful braided wedding hairstyle is a great combination option for brides who can’t decide between the classic updo or the more casual loose waves. A half-up, half-down look will allow you to wear a veil comfortably and keep the hair away from your eyes, while still giving you an elegant, flowy look from behind. You can add a tiara to this look, add interesting braids, or stick to something simpler depending on your dress and wedding style. Again, with this wedding hairstyle, there are many variations to make the look completely your own.

Bun Bling

For brides who favor the more elegant, sleek, and pulled back bun, the new wedding hairstyle of 2018 is a variation of this bun that includes adding accessories to the top of the bun. Instead of a tiara or other jewelry, adding a jeweled clip or cover to the bun can give added elegance and sophistication. Consider attaching your veil to this piece of jewelry and having it drape below you, as opposed to at the top of your head. You can walk down the aisle with this wedding hairstyle feeling confident, stylish, and classy.

French Braids

French braids are a wedding hairstyle in 2018 that brings a little more of a unique look to the classic braided wedding updo. The French braid can be manipulated in many ways, and it is a great alternative, because it will keep your hair pulled back and tight while you dance the night away with your friends, family, and your new husband. Whether you choose to do a French braid on top and leave the bottom of your hair flowing, or French braid all your hair together, you can’t go wrong with this beautiful wedding hairstyle. 

Hollywood Pin Up

Hollywood pin up curls are a super classy wedding hairstyle that can make any bride feel like a celebrity on her wedding day. This look is timeless and never seems to go out of style. Whether your hair is down or in a bun, Hollywood curls speak for themselves and will give your entire wedding a feeling of sophistication and old-world charm. Pair this wedding hairstyle with a slimming dress to show off your hourglass figure, and your wedding will surely feel like a red-carpet affair.

Natural and Down

Photography by Tamara Schlesinger

While you can spend hours stressing over the perfect wedding hairstyle, sometimes it is best to just go natural on your wedding day. After all, your groom fell in love with you for your natural beauty. Maybe this day is all about showing him exactly who you are. Let your hair down, grow your hair out healthy and long, and let it flow freely. Everyone will appreciate seeing your hair in its natural state. Wearing your natural hair for your wedding hairstyle could eliminate some stress, too, and the fact that you don't need a hairstylist makes it a perfect option for those planning a wedding on a budget. It never hurts to get one thing off your plate.

Whichever wedding hairstyle you choose to wear at your wedding, be sure to add your own unique touch to make it all your own. The best wedding hairstyles of 2018 are a great place to start, but it’s important for a bride to incorporate a personal touch from your specific wedding style and look. Regardless of what hairstyle you choose, it is the combination of every special piece of your day that will make the moment beautiful. Your new husband will think you look amazing no matter what. Enjoy your big day and use these wedding hairstyles as inspiration to craft a style that is one of a kind. Finally, stay confident and remember that at the end of the day, love conquers all.

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10 Best Wedding Hairstyles of 2018
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